Six days ago, Occupy Miami protesters began to demonstrate in the government center — and the group is still there.

Occupy Miami held a rally last Saturday that drew more than 1,000 protesters. The event was held in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York and similar movements around the world. Corporate greed and income inequality have been a big focus of the protests.

The protests now enter Day Six, and Pedro Santana tells The Florida Independent that “hundreds have passed by” since last Saturday. Almost 100 have stayed and occupied the government center, he says.

About 30-40 tents have been sprawled on a grassy area in front of the government center since the rally last week.

Until yesterday, South Florida faced terrible weather, with heavy rainfall throughout almost all of the group’s occupation. However, the group toughed it out and is still there — and can stay there for quite some time. The group has an indefinite permit to occupy the area, an observer of the protest said.

Santana also says the group has received community support. Someone has even volunteered portable toilets for the group.

This week, union members in the area held a press conference in front of the occupation and announced their support of the protest.

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