Every single year, 1.2 trillion pictures are taken. That’s a staggering number, and it grows each year. Not only that, but 4.7 trillion pictures are stored.

What should you do with all these photos that are getting snapped? Photos are a deeply integral part of our everyday lives. Photo gifts are a great way to show someone you love the memories that you spent with them.

Here Are 5 Photo Gifts That Can’t Be Beat

From DIY to digital, everyone appreciates the gift of photos. It’s time to give someone their favorite gift of the year.

1. A DIY Photo Calendar

A dyi photo calendar

Everyone loves pictures, and everyone needs a calendar. That makes a photo calendar both useful and super personal.

There are plenty of resources online where you can drop in your own calendar to the pre-made format, or you can go DIY and make your own calendar.

2. A Digital Collage

With a pic collage app, you can make beautiful photo collages, completely free. Your photo collages will tell a story, and let you give that as a gift.

You don’t need any special design skills to use a digital service, because it will do all the hard work for you. You get to use professional themes, fun images, and gorgeous typography to create something completely one of a kind. Your gift will live on forever when it’s done online.

3. A Coloring Book

A Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are on the rise in popularity, but what about coloring in your own pictures?

You can use a basic photo editing app to turn your photos into images that are just waiting to be colored in. If that seems like a daunting task to you, you can look through a tutorial on an easy step-by-step way to make the most amazing coloring book your gift receiver has ever seen.

4. Photo Socks

Photo socks have been all the rage lately. You can give someone the gift of socks: with their face all over it. Imagine their faces when you literally give someone the gift of their own face.

You can customize your photo socks to have whatever you want on them. People are giving each other socks with their best friend’s faces on them, or even pictures of their dogs.

5. A Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

When you give someone their own digital photo frame, you’re giving them a gift that lets them display not just one picture, but thousands.

You can set up the digital photo frame anywhere in your home or office, and get to see hundreds of photos slowly scroll by. It’s a real way to allow someone to take a trip down memory lane, and can be updated with new photos as the years go by.

Turn on the Creative Juices

If you have any ideas for photo gifts that you didn’t see here, it’s time to get creative. Bust out your digital design skills, your scrapbooking prowess, or your photography power.

Photo gifts are the chance to give someone the present of a lifetime. Don’t miss out.Β 

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