It can be a chore to look for the best image editing services in the USA, considering the vast number of photo editing specialists available. If you live in a state like Florida, it can be even more difficult.

However, you can let all your worries go! We have compiled this article containing the top-rated Photo Editing Specialists In Florida and worldwide. Whether you want a local image editing services company or an outsourced image editing services firm, this list contains them all.

Is It A Wise Decision To Outsource Photo Editing Services?

Yes, it is a wise decision to outsource image editing services as they will need a high level of specialization to achieve perfection. Plus, if you’re editing in bulk, outsourcing your work will save you a lot of time which you can utilize to focus on other aspects of your business and life.

List Of The 7 Best Photo Editing Specialists In Florida

This list contains the best photo editing firms based in Florida and worldwide. All of these photo editing specialists provide their services globally. Most of them have physical offices in Florida with some exceptions.

Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path

The first company on our list is not a Florida-based one, but a global one. Offshore Clipping Path is one of the industry-leading photo editing companies, offering an incredible array of photo editing services.

Starting from Ghost Mannequin, Background Removal, Ecommerce Image Editing, Drop Shadow, Photo retouching and Restoration, Color Correction, Color Manipulation, Image Masking, and much more, there is no limit to what Offshore Clipping Path cannot do.

Offshore Clipping Path was founded in 2010 and has over 1100+ clients from all over the world today. Its headquarters are in Bangladesh, with offices in New York and India. Pricing starts from $0.29 per image with plenty of free trial options.

Galexia Editing

Galexia Editing

Galexia Editing is a Miami-based image editing services company. Its services are targeted more towards people who are looking for highly creative and artistic editing. It also offers general editing services alongside its detailed work.

Photoshop Basic, Photoshop Plus, Photoshop Pro, Creative Edit, Lightroom Basic, and Lightroom pro are the 6 categories of services that it provides.

It is quite popular in Florida for its cost-effective creative editing. Its services aren’t just limited to Florida but also worldwide. Galexia Editing’s prices start from as low as $0.19 per image.

Clipping Path Studio

Clipping Path Studio

Another non-Florida but global outsource photo editing specialist in our list, Clipping Path Studio, has been one of the trendsetters of online photo editing ever since its inception in 2011.

Clipping Path Studio offers background removal, clipping path, photo editing, photo retouching, and e-commerce editing services. It offers free trials for each service it provides. It’s based in Bangladesh with over 150 designers serving over 5000 clients globally. The pricing starts from $0.23 per image.

Picsera Inc

Picsera Inc

Want 3D Image design and editing? Look no further! Picsera stands out in this list with this particular service that it provides. It has a 3D modeling and rendering service for eCommerce, architecture, education, and whichever purpose one can think of.

Other than 3D, they also provide photo editing services like White Backgrounds, Silhouette & Masking, Shadows & Reflections, Product Retouching eCommerce, Model Retouching, Color Replacement, Composite Images, Infographics, Color Correction (RAW File Processing), Image Optimization & Compliance and High-End Custom Retouching.

Its services are targeted mostly towards eCommerce and Marketplaces, for which they are quite popular. Picsera is also a Florida-based photo editing specialist agency, and its prices start from $0.15.

Photo Doctor 911

Photo Doctor 911

Do your photos need an emergency repair? Call Photo Doctor 911! As the name suggests, this agency specializes in Photo Restoration and Repair. If you have either old or damaged photos which you may want to repair or colorize, it is the ideal firm to hire.

Photo Doctor 911 also specializes in Alterations, Color Correcting, Glamour Enhancements, Prints, and Reconstruction. It is located in Sarasota & Jensen Beach, Florida, and is highly popular in the region for its photo restoration services.

Its services are slightly expensive, starting from $24 per image. Considering the cost, they provide a money-back guarantee in case the customer can provide valid reasons for being dissatisfied with their service.

Photo Pro Boca

Photo Pro Boca

Similar to the previous service provider in our list, Photo Pro Boca also specializes in restoration and repair services. However, unlike the previous firm, it also provides services for a wide variety of fields like photography, videography, digital transfers, printing, etc.

This firm is also located in Boca Raton, Florida. It also specializes in Photo Retouching and Photo collages. It’s also one of the few firms which provide creative services like Digital Composites.

Photo Pro Boca’s editing services start from $35.

The Dot Box

The Dot Box

The Dot Box stylistically labels them as a “Design Agency”, and rightfully so. Starting from Web Design, Graphic Design, and Marketing, the Dot Box has teams for all these sectors.

It only specializes in photo retouching, perhaps being the only firm in this list that provides just one photo editing service. But it shouldn’t be underestimated, as it has been doing photo retouching for over 20 years!

Within photo retouching, there are a lot of minor segments like Image Manipulation, Body reshaping, Image matching, Skin beautification – all of which it is specialized in. The Dot Box is also one of the local Photo Editing specialists in Florida, with its main office in Tampa. It has no fixed base rate; thus, you have to contact them to get a quote.

Our Roundup Of The Best Photo Editing Specialists In Florida

Now that we have discussed all of the photo editing firms in detail, let’s get a quick summary of the best photo editors that we would recommend! This roundup contains both photo editing specialists in Florida and international ones.

  • Offshore Clipping Path – Wide variety of editing services, has a rich portfolio with reputable global brands, edits in large batches, has free trial options.
  • Photo Doctor 911 – Only service that is highly specialized in photo restoration in repair, and does this sort of editing solely in bulk.
  • Clipping Path Studio – Offers photo editing services that most other firms offer in the most cost-effective range.


Is Photo Editing A Service Business?

Yes, photo editing is a service business and is done by many local and global companies.

Who Needs Photo Editing Services?

Photographers, eCommerce websites, Brands, Celebrities, Stores, Advertising agencies – all need photo editing services. The list is endless.

What Qualities Should I Look For In An Expert Photo Editor?

Apart from checking the website, google reviews, and portfolio, the best way to judge is by testing the free trial service. That way, you can be assured of whether the work is satisfactory or not.

Do I Need To Prepare Anything For My Photo Editing?

All you need to prepare are the photos. You simply upload or send the photos to your firm of choice and tell them your requirements. If the photos need to be sent physically, for example, restoration photos, you need to prepare the parcel to send to them.

How Much Does It Cost To Outsource Photo Editing?

The price varies, but if you’re making bulk orders, it will always cost less. For most of the firms, the minimum cost range is somewhere between $0.10 to $1.00 per image. Unless of course, you are doing any creative or highly specialized edit.

Final Words

Hope you have finally gotten the list of the best photo editing specialists in Florida that you were looking for. Now you can safely outsource your image editing services to these photoshop experts, regardless of whether you live in Florida or anywhere in the world!

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