In the land of hoagies, there’s only one hoagie that tops them all. And that’s the Philadelphia cheesesteak. From the first bite to the last, it’s a taste that can only come from Philly.

Some may debate about whether they love Pat’s, Jim’s, or Geno’s more. But one thing is certain. Philadelphians love the Eagles, Wawa, Rocky, and cheesesteaks.

Even if you’re not from Philly, you can still enjoy your own interpretation of the classic. Here are five irresistible variations on the original Philadelphia cheesesteak.

1. A Taste of the Original

A Taste of the Original

If you’re a purist, nothing compares to the original Philadelphia cheesesteak. The traditional cheesesteak comes on a soft Italian baked hoagie roll. It comes with the finest shavings of rib-eye steak, onions, and your choice of cheese.

A popular choice of cheese in Philadelphia is cheez whiz. If that’s not your bag, you can always add your favorite cheese.

2. Mushroom Cheesesteak

While not traditional, it’s still delicious. If you’re a fan of mushrooms, the mushroom cheesesteak may be right up your alley. The mushrooms provide a juicy flavor and a great texture. The mushroom cheesesteak comes with shaved steak, mushrooms, and your favorite cheese.

While this version doesn’t have fried onions, you could always add them for a familiar taste.

3. Pepper Cheesesteak

Pepper Cheesesteak

The pepper cheesesteak substitutes onions for peppers, much like the mushroom Philadelphia cheesesteak. The pepper cheesesteak is more popular than the mushroom cheesesteak. Even the purist have begun to enjoy it.

It’s most likely because of the sweetness that cooked peppers bring to the sandwich. They play well off the steak and cheese, creating a delicious bite.

It’s that mix of salty and sweet that everyone loves.

4. Milano Steak

For something way outside-the-box there is the pizza cheesesteak. It pretty much is what it sounds like. You have your traditional cheesesteak that gets topped with tomatoes and oregano. It adds a sauce that makes the sandwich even juicer.

Many people love to have ketchup with their cheesesteaks. The tomatoes and oregano add an extra bold flavor to the sandwich. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something different.

5. Chicken Cheesesteak

Chicken Cheesesteak

Another popular version of the cheesesteak in Philly is the chicken cheesesteak. Made traditionally, except with chicken, they are delicious. The result is a savory taste that mimics the original but with a little less grease.

It’s seen as a healthier option (if you can call a cheesesteak healthy) out of the two. So if you’re looking for a way to cut out some of the fat, the chicken cheesesteak may be the way to go.

Looking for Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks in L.A?

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Philadelphia Cheesesteaks from the Comforts of Home

Get some friends together, watch the Eagles, and make some delicious Philadelphia cheesesteaks. Your friends will swear they have died and gone to Philly.

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