When it comes to keeping patients happy, it’s important to understand each step in the process. Most people state they are much happier dealing with an independent pharmacy than going to a chain brand. The main issue comes down to not having the financial power to keep up with the big names in the world of pharmaceuticals.

It is essential to have a competitive edge and that is why the CEO of RxMile believes there is a way to do pharmacy upscaling to get better as an independent pharmacy. He states a comprehensive digital solution is the way to go as it helps owners get more value out of their approach.

What Led To The Creation Of RXMile?

Creation Of RXMile

Kunal Vyas states he is an independent pharmacy owner himself and understands what the field contains when it comes to pharmacy upscaling and overcoming hurdles associated with larger brands. He wanted to find a way to make things easier for himself and others. This is when RxMile came to fruition. This was a simple solution that was focused on understanding what it meant to retain patients and give them more value during their experience with the pharmacy.

With more and more patients wanting to lean towards prescription home deliveries, it is important to have an all-in-one solution that makes life easier for them. This is what an independent pharmacy can help with while keeping up with the rest of the big names in the industry as this press release discussing Mark Cuban as a partner for the independent pharmay showcases.

Why Do Independent Pharmacies Struggle To Keep Up With Digitization?


For most independent pharmacies, the main issue has to do with pharmacy upscaling is not having the funds to keep up. There are costs associated with digital solutions that are difficult to handle with tight budgets. However, owners need to understand the power of being digitized and the value it adds to the business.

It is about saving money and time over the long haul, which is what digitization does as time goes on.

Those who are not doing this continue to be at a disadvantage in front of those who are. A lot of pharmacies are popping up and it’s important to at least keep up if not stand out. The target market is there for those willing to put in the solutions that are required to elevate the business.

What Does RxMile Do?

RxMile is a pharmacy delivery service that is focused on helping independent pharmacies focus on delivering prescriptions to patients in their system. Home deliveries are a big part of the future and it’s important to have an airtight and usable program to back the entire strategy. This is where RxMile comes into play as it helps standardize the process and simplifies it as much as possible.

A lot of bigger names in the industry have seamlessly transitioned to this setup. Independent pharmacies will also have to keep up. RxMile helps take care of this disadvantage and helps address the issue of having a higher retention rate.

It is capable of helping with PBM contractual obligations and remains affordable at the same time.

How Does This Technology Assist Pharmacy Owners With Scaling?

Pharmacy Owners

It is focused on helping pharmacy owners develop a system that works like a well-oiled machine. This includes a delivery portal, real-time tracking, audit support, refill consent tools, and co-pay collection. All these things combined will help the owner in pharmacy upscaling.

All Of This Is Done At A Fair Price Too.

The software also helps offer a seamless delivery management solution for when it’s time to deliver the prescription to the customer.

This is a technology that is going to allow independent pharmacy owners to scale up and get more value out of their service.

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