Two powerful forces on the anti-abortion circuit, Personhood USA’s Keith Mason and Cal Zastrow, will be coming to Florida on July 16 for appearances in Port Saint Lucie and Orlando.

Zastrow and Mason will appear at Port Saint Lucie’s Grace Family Church in the morning. Zastrow and Operation Save America will appear at Orlando’s Victorious Living Center later that evening.

In a profile of the “personhood” movement on NPR in June, Mason said that he was pushing to redefine what constitutes a “person,” which he believes should be recognized at the moment of fertilization, “when the sperm meets the egg.” Critics argue that “personhood” bills would not only outlaw abortion, but could ban some forms of birth control, as well. In an interview with, Zastrow said that the goal of Personhood USA is not to outlaw birth control, but to “outlaw all abortifacients.”

Still, many abortion foes remain wary of advocating “personhood” bills, choosing instead to endorse initiatives that stay on the fringe of the abortion issue — like mandatory ultrasounds.

The head of Personhood Florida still hopes to find enough support to land the amendment on the Sunshine State’s 2012 ballot. Similar measures have also materialized in other states — including Mississippi, Alabama and North Dakota.

From a blog post touting the event:

Please come hear the new developments and strategies that are involved in ending abortion. We are watching God give us victory! But much remains to be done and we need You!

Come hear the plans to get the Personhood Amendment on the ballot and what you can do to help.

Looking forward to seeing you and working with you to restore our Constitutional Republic,

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