If workplace attire for women was so easy to choose, how come you’ve seen so many office fashion fails? Perhaps you made a faux pas or two yourself. The job site Monster even has advice on “What not to wear to work.

They advise for the sake of your future career, don’t wear flip-flops, tracksuits or the same thing you wore yesterday. You can work out what impression these fashion mistakes make, but what should you be wearing? What sends the right message?

Read on to discover the perfect work clothes for women.

Work Clothes for Women

Women participate in the workforce in a way that they never have before. If you want to have a career you will want to establish a good reputation and how you look makes a difference.

Working out the rules of office dress is not as straightforward as it is for men.

Your career is important to you. There may be times, despite your professionalism, that you need the support of US Attorneys sexual harassment lawyers. They are there if you need them.

The male office uniform is the classic business suit. It’s easy to find on the hangers of every department store. Women don’t have this go-to uniform.

You may also have an interest in fashion that matters to you. It’s an expression of your personal style. You want to strike a balance between this personal style and the conventions of the workplace.

The perfect work clothes for women have to negotiate this delicate path through fashion, function, convention, and comfort. One other factor that applies to most of us is cost.

A Quality Blazer

A well cut and made blazer is a staple that’s a great investment. It might cost a little more than many of the items lower down on this list but it will pay back in many ways. You can even wear it outside of work.

There are lots to choose from but make sure the one you choose is fitted in the right places and allows lots of movement for your arms.

You can wear your versatile blazer with a skirt, pants or even jeans. It adds office chic to less stylish clothes and glamour to everyday denim. Layer it over a pattern or plain shirt.

Office Underwear

Is there such a thing as the right underwear for the office? The right underwear for the office is the right underwear for the clothes you’re wearing. Wear the wrong underwear for that dress and it will ruin the outfit and send a message to everybody about your poor judgment.

The right underwear starts with wearing the right size. This is especially true for your bra. Find a bra that fits you by having a professional fitting.

The perfect fitting underwear, like all well-fitting workwear for women, will not only look good under your clothes but be comfortable to wear all day.

You may have been told by someone that you look great in a low rise thong, but for office skirts and pants you should try other options. Seamless, high-waist thongs or French cut panties show less VPL (Visible Panty Lines). The French cut panties, worn with office pants also protect you from embarrassing butt-cleavage exposure.

Dress for Business

A dress can be the whole outfit in one fashionable and reliable statement. With a change of accessories, it becomes a new outfit. Keep to a solid color that won’t be as memorable as a pattern so people don’t notice that you’re wearing it regularly.

The key is to have a robust enough material to avoid it being inappropriately revealing but still be flattering. The Of Mercer Hudson Dress has a slight stretch to help make it comfortable all day. Machine washable work clothes for women are practical too.

Classic Work Pants

Look around you in your office or workplace. A pair of pants is the comfortable, practical and stylish choice for many women. Play it safe with a classic full-length trouser with a little stretch and a medium rise.

An Overcoat You Won’t Want to Take Off

You’re going to need an overcoat. Either the weather will demand it or you need something to wear instead of your blazer. A classic trench coat is versatile.

For more dramatic effect a gorgeous camel double-breasted coat is great for work and play. No accessories needed. It speaks for itself.

All Day Shoes

You’re going to be wearing your shoes all day. Higher heels may be some people’s idea of power dressing, but they may start to hurt after an hour. The higher heel doesn’t always look that professional for the office anyway.

Lower heels and neutral colors are the answer. They will go with more outfits. You may spend a little more money for quality design and manufacture but your feet will thank you.

Flats can be office wear too. You can even combine them with heels by having them handy when you need to walk somewhere. Just pop on your heels for the big meeting.

Smart Button-Down Shirts and Blouses

Partner your classic skirt or pants with a smart button-down shirt. Keep it simple and timeless. Have several.

These office wear staples don’t go out of style. You might like to look for little stylish details like covered or concealed buttons or nice cuffs. Cotton and polyester mix makes for machine-washable convenience.

Dress Down Denim

Just because it’s dress down Friday, don’t think what you wear doesn’t say something important about you. How do you stay professional and at the same time join in on the more casual look and feel?

Avoid the distressed jeans that reveal your skin, or worse, your underwear. Smart blue denim says cool and professional. They’ll even look great with your blazer on the way to work and won’t look out of place in a business meeting.

Ring the changes with a casual dress for dress-down days. Choose wisely. Go for the trend dress by all means, but look a second time in the mirror to do the “do I look professional” test.

Build Your Collection and Your Career

Think about building a collection of work clothes rather than one outfit at a time. You can create many looks by combining classic items from your collection. These looks can be professional and fashionable.

Ring the changes. Be on the lookout. Additions to your collection should offer more opportunities for combining and complementing.

Work clothes for women need not be boring.

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