If you planning to buy a house, you must be prepared to accept a few imperfections, until and unless you are buying a newly built property. While most of these imperfections are easy to repair, you need to be vigilant for identifying the major faults in the property to ensure you do not end up paying a huge repair bill post-purchase.

As you spend significant amount in hiring the state to state movers, you won’t want to spend any extra penny in an already expensive deal. Hence, it is very important that you perform the due checks of the property to ensure it is exactly what you planned to pay for.

In this post, we have compiled a list of important checks that you must consider while buying a property

Doors and windows

There are two key reasons why you should invest significant time and efforts in checking the condition of the doors and windows of the property. First, you would get the due security, second you can benefit from the insulation inside the house if the doors and windows are secure.

Moreover, insurance companies have their own conditions when it comes to the locks they cover under their policies. Make sure that the locks on the doors and windows are compliant to the insurance requirements. If they aren’t, make sure you include the cost of changing the lock in your negotiation during the buying deal.

Additionally, check the doors and windows for functionality and structural stability of the frames.


Boiler is an integral part of the property and one of the key risk factor to the safety of the occupants.  As you inspect the boiler, make sure you note down the boiler’s manufacturer and model name, age and servicing history.

It is very important that the boilers are checked and maintained annually to ensure a check on the CO2 emissions.

If you do not find the boiler to be credible, make sure you include the cost as boilers aren’t cheap.


Check all the lights in the house by turning them on and off. It is quite a possibility that the reason for a flaw is a dead bulb. But, if not, you will have to check the wiring underneath.

Also check the entire electrics network including switches and sockets. Make sure there are all the electric arrangement in different rooms that allow you to use your appliances easily.


From functionality of the taps to ease of flushing the toilets, you must check that the plumbing system is fully functional. Also check the hot water system and that it supplies hot water to all the points where it is required. Check the taps for dripping r leakage, if you are on a water meter, leaking taps are a big concern.

You should also check the showers for their pressure and spray. Checking the drains for clogging is important. If you experience a foul smell, consider it as a red flag.


Dampness is a major concern you must address while buying a property. Most of you are smart enough to know what dampness is and the signs to look out for. The key reasons a house may have damp can be many including poor ventilation, absence of damp-proofing or lack of maintenance in the exterior of the building.

Damp in a house can be a threat to the structural stability as well as the health of the occupants. Some of the key signs you must look for include Damp staining, discoloration, condensation in particular areas, peeling wallpaper and a musty smell.


One of the most important aspect to check while considering a property for purchase is the neighbors. You will need to find out what your neighbors would be like as they are the ones you will be meeting and greeting every day.

Also get information about the neighborhood, safety measures, crime rates and what type of people reside there in general.


Last but not the least, check the location for accessibility. Make sure that you are close to a credible school, hospital and there are significant shopping locations in the vicinity where you can buy day to day items and groceries.

Buying a new house is a great deal and all these checks ensure that you make a benefitting purchase. Once you have finalized the house you want to buy, you need to focus on the moving process as it is an equally daunting task. Consider between hiring moving company and DIY move and make the apt choice.

We hope that you buy the best house using all the points mentioned above and start a fresh life in the new house. Buy a property that fits in your budget, have enough room for the family and is something you can proudly call a home.

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