One-third of adults in the U.S. did not go to visit the dentist at any point during the past year.

We know to take our kids to the dentist twice a year. But what about yourself?

Oral hygiene is extremely important for your general health. It’s important to go for check-ups at the dentist even if you don’t think there are any dental problems. This is so that you will be alerted to any dental problems that you have well in advance. This ensures that you have sufficient time to explore your treatment options before making a final decision. Be sure to drop byΒ massapequa family dentistry services if you’re looking for a dentist for your entire family.

So, how often should you go to the dentist as an adult? Let’s check!

How Often Should You go to the Dentist?

The truth is that it’s up to you.

The American Dental Association (ADA) says there is no single answer of how many times you should visit your dentist during the year. But, once or twice per year is normally recommended for most adults.

Even if your oral hygiene is absolutely okay, you can receive expert feedback on how you’ve been looking after your teeth. You’ll also usually receive a professional cleaning which can help to remove any plaque you’re not reaching with your toothbrush and floss.

Are You a High-Risk Patient?

Despite this, if you’re a high-risk patient, you may decide to visit your dentist more regularly than normally advised.

What makes a patient high-risk?

Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to the development of oral problems. It’s important to make your dentist aware you’re pregnant. We also know people who smoke are at high risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

If you’re currently getting treated for cancer with chemotherapy you could also be high risk. Therefore, you should visit your dentist frequently to ensure no damage is being done to your mouth.

Notice Changes to Your Oral Health?

That’s your regular visits taken care of. But what about if you’ve experienced any changes to your oral health? If you notice anything, you need to immediately schedule to visit your dentist.

This is especially urgent if you are experiencing any pain in your mouth. If you don’t receive treatment, you can worsen the problem.

If you have chipped a tooth or if you’ve experienced bleeding gums, you need to speak with your dentist.

After Dental Work

If you have recently received dental work or treatment, you may need a follow-up appointment to ensure you remain on track.

This is also helpful if you have any questions or concerns following dental work. If you need to schedule a dentist appointment, get in touch with Willow Creek Way.

Keep a Healthy Oral Hygiene

The answer to the question ofΒ how often should you go to the dentist depends on your personal oral health.

You need to consider the condition of your mouth and your risk of developing oral problems. But, most people should visit the dentist at least once or twice per year.

Want to know more? Check out our blog on how a healthy mouth can boost your self-confidence.

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