We currently have a wide variety of pdf templates available online. The question at hand is not only one of quantity, but if you can find something of quality that meets your needs. The most common templates are for business; such as invoices, sales forms, insurance, and scholarships. There are also a lot of specific templates you might not even know are out there –but will definitely save you time.

 1. Two Week’s Notice Template

A two-week notice template is a suitable solution if your employer needs to find a replacement to cover your absence. If you are planning on going on vacation and your absence won’t negatively influence the work process, you leave a two-week notice. This is more than enough time to reassign your tasks to other employees. If you are planning on quitting your job, leaving the notice at least two weeks before is mandatory, especially if you don’t want to burn bridges.  Stay professional and you will likely get a good recommendation if you leave a customized two-week notice letter when calling it quits. No hard feelings, and no sweat if you’re using a template!

2. High School Resume Template

A high school resume template will help you write an out-of-the-park resume. It outlines a summary of qualifications that help you stand out from the crowd. In addition to focusing on the skills of the applicants, career goals can change depending on the requirements of each separate company. For example, an applicant can select the position he or she is interested in or emphasize the skills that are more applicable to the situation. In this case, the employer will know that you are interested in this specific position and that you have put time and effort into your resume.

3. Loan Contract Template

A loan contract template can be used for business, personal needs, real estate, and student loans. To secure a loan that will put your mind at ease, you need to make sure that your contract benefits your interests, and also contains information about the details of the terms, indicating the discussed amount of money, dates, details.  It is a written agreement between a lender and a borrower. The borrower promises to pay back the loan according to a repayment schedule. Using a template helps ensure that you don’t accidentally leave out any important details.

4. Graduation Invitation Template

Graduation is an incredible accomplishment and the day is full of excitement and anticipation of a great celebration. A sign of a well-organized party is sending invitations in advance that indicate the location of the event, as well as other details, so everyone knows what to wear and what to bring. Graduation Party Invitations can also be designed in a style that shows the theme of the event.

Using a graduation invitation template is an easy way to make your dream party happen fast without getting stuck in a creative rut. There are plenty of design options to show off your personality and get guests in the party mood.

5. Scholarship Thank-You Letter

In order to express gratitude to someone who generously provided you with a scholarship, it’s important to send a well-written scholarship thank-you letter. Receiving a thoughtful thank-you letter from a student is always pleasant and lets the donor know that you appreciate his/her investment in furthering your education. A scholarship thank-you letter template makes it simple. It gives you a solid basic structure, freeing you to focus on the thoughts you wish to express.

6. Disciplinary Action Form Template

If you are an employer, the best way for you to communicate with your subordinates is to provide them with clear rules of employment with the company.

A disciplinary action form template is a form you can adapt to the requests of your company. This form should be considered a starting point for setting up your employment policies. It explains the rules of business and the corresponding consequences for violations and neglecting company policy. These policies outline the company’s disciplinary procedure and provide all the necessary information to the employee, so he/she is aware of the guidelines for working with the company. These documents specify the time frame within which an employee must correct their behavior before you take additional disciplinary action.

7. Employee Evaluation Template

An employee evaluation template can be used to assess and review an employee’s job performance. Each employee not only applies existing skills in their career but gains the experience necessary to solve new, more complex tasks. A comprehensive assessment of personnel allows you to determine the suitability of an employee to their position and also helps quantify the potential of an employee. The potential of each employee must be rationally used in order to develop both the company and the individual. Usually, evaluations are conducted every quarter or every year.

The format and content depend on the specifics of the position and company policy. The best templates should include basic information such as employee’s name, department, ID, and position. It should also contain the scale of assessment and the explanation of each level of assessment from outstanding to poor.

Sound like a lot to remember? An employee evaluation template will help you out.

8. Promissory Note Template

A promissory note template, or “I owe you”, is a promissory note that details money borrowed from a lender and the repayment structure. The document holds the borrower accountable for paying back the money (plus interest, if any). While searching for a pdf template to use, it is important to find one that contains the names and contact info of the borrower, lender, and guarantor (if there is one), the loan amount, how the borrower will make payments, interest rate (if you’re charging it), and any other details.


Powerful tools are the key to a successful business communication experience.  Some assignments can be efficiently optimized by using a template library. It saves you time and lets you focus on more important work. You can use Lumin PDF’s cloud editor to customize your template with exact information and the fields you need — all without having to print! Sound cool? Check it out and start saving time.

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