Do you have an outdoor front space but are unsure how to use it? Well, how about adding a patio?

Many modern homes come with a place to sit by the front door. Sometimes, it’s for aesthetics, but it could also be functional. Nonetheless, a patio is one way to add more charm to your home.

There are many possible patio design ideas, so buckle up as we guide you through eight concepts you can try! Let’s get started.

1. Use String or Fairy Lights

fairy lights on patio

Whether it’s your room or the front door, string lights are a quick way to add jazz to your home. It adds brightness and brings in a good vibe!

These are also easy to place anywhere. When designing your patio, consider putting them on your door, windows, or from tree to tree. You can also have candles nearby for extra light and an improved ambiance.

These will look extra pretty when you open them late afternoons to evenings. At the same time, it provides you light on the patio when it gets darker.

Consider getting doors that fit the concept. You can check Renewal by Andersen patio doors to give you an idea of a great patio door.

2. Make It Pop With Color

If you’re making patio upgrades, you might as well consider the furniture. As much as possible, maintain harmony with the colors you choose. You can even use a single statement piece to add a pop!

Choosing your furniture based on color scheme makes your home look more organized. So, it’s better to pick colors that suit the primary theme of your home.

Depending on your chosen color, a pop of color will give your patio a simple but elegant or luxurious look. If you want to go for something classic, use green. But if you want something bold, try a deep crimson or royal blue!

3. Maximize Space

space on patio

Use space as much as possible by placing a table or spreading out chairs. It can give the illusion that the patio is more expansive, even when it’s relatively tiny.

Doing this gives you more room for activities or parties with friends and family. It’s also convenient for large families or those needing more space outdoors.

It’s also good to note that you should avoid adding too much clutter to your patio. Since it’s the first thing many will see, how it looks may affect other people’s impressions of you. So if you have a clean space, others may believe it’s the same indoors.

4. Build a Garden

A patio with a garden is a typical patio built by most homeowners. So, why not give it a shot?

Having a garden doesn’t always mean flowers. Instead, it’s surrounding yourself with nature and all things natural. To add to the vibe, you can even include grass walls!

Note that placing your garden close to your patio is also one way to remind you about your plants. That way, you remember to water or give them sunlight whenever you hang around the deck.

5. Place a Campfire

garden on patio

If you’re looking for a piece that gives cozy vibes, a bonfire at the center of the patio is a good choice. You can install one at the center of the deck or get a portable one.

The cost to install a fire pit varies on the size. Usually, it goes from $200 to $3,000. You can find portable options in different styles, so you’ll undoubtedly come across one that suits your theme best!

You can also add rustic lamps or torches. It also helps light up the spaceย more during dimmer hours.

6. Cover It Up

You can also cover up the patio by adding a roof. That makes it easier to use for quick chats or parties outdoors.

A roof on your patio is not only pretty, but it’s also very functional. It can protect you from harsh weather conditions, like storms, winds, and sunlight.

It lets you keep your patio in top condition for a long while. Some patio design concepts would come with a glass roof. With that, you get a pleasant sky view as a bonus!

7. Add Some Water

You can install a mini pool on the patio with the budget. Note that it doesn’t have to be the most significant size. It usually costs at least $28,000 to install, so take time to find the best size for your space.

Some also consider adding a water fountain. Adding these allows you to switch the vibe.

Others would suggest having it when you already have a dedicated garden. That way, you have quick access to water for your plants.

8. Double It

colorful patio

A unique patio build includes adding a mini island to the enormous patio. You can have your patio builders stack or place them next to each other.

Either way, a double patio lets you use more space while maintaining its function. It’s also a way to maximize space by using more deck portions to accommodate more people.

Pick a Patio Design that You Love!

With the right patio design ideas, you can create a comfortable outdoor space to relax and gather with friends and family. Consider different seating options, outdoor rugs, lights, furniture, and accessories to add functionality and charm.

Let your imagination soar if you want to create a backyard oasis, small corner patio, or complete patio with a fire pit! Start with a plan of action and find the perfect patio design ideas to match your needs.

Have you chosen a patio design you like yet? If so, you can also check our blog for more like this.

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