It’s always fun to have a party, but if you’re running low on party entertainment ideas, it can be a little stressful. You’ve got all the basics down, but now you have to figure out how to keep everyone engaged during the party.

We are here to help you make sure you put the best party together.

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1. Interactive Food

People love to eat and it’s even more fun when you bring interactive food to the party.

What is interactive food? Interactive food is when you’re able to customize the food and make it your own. Here are some of the examples of interactive food.

  • Waffle bar
  • Bagel bar
  • Biscuit bar
  • Crepe station
  • Nachos
  • Pretzel station
  • And much more…

Pretty much any food you can think of that you can customize or use different dips with can be a total delight for your guests. When you use interactive food, you’re hitting both food and entertainment needs at the same time.

2. Magicians

Magicians aren’t just for kids anymore. There are plenty of adults that enjoy a good magic show. In fact, there are many more magicians that are catering to adults vs. children.

That’s not to say that children won’t enjoy the same magic acts, so hire a magician and let the whole family enjoy the show.

Watching a magic act can be a great way to break things up if you’re having a long gettogether.

3. Entertaining DJs

DJs are extra interesting these days. It’s not just about making sure the right songs are on. When you hire a DJ, you expect them to be funny and add a little extra flair to their performance.

When you’re choosing a DJ, make sure they have a fun personality and that they are used to playing your type of event. For instance, you would hire mitzvah DJ services for a bat mitzvah or a bar mitzvah and wedding DJ services for a wedding.

4. Comedians

Comedians are a lot of fun and there are plenty of people that are willing to work for any amount of money. Before you hire a comedian, make sure you watch some of their content on YouTube or elsewhere.

You want to make sure their comedy is going to fit the crowd. If you have friends that are sensitive to different types of jokes, you don’t want to offend them by hiring the wrong comedian.

You should also check their comedic style to make sure they are actually funny to you. Just because one person finds someone funny, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be funny to you, so always check even if you get a recommendation.

5. Street Performers

Are you having a block party or an event in a large outdoor space? Street performers can be a lot of fun and they will get up close and personal with your guests.

Think about jugglers, fire blowers, and other types of street performers that can really brighten up your event.

6. Glow Show

Are you mesmerized with lights? It is likely your guests are going to be mesmerized with lights as well, and a glow show is a perfect way to play off their interests.

A glow show uses interactive elements with lighting to create amazing photo opportunities. These artists can create many different shapes and illusions with light, so don’t be afraid to ask if you are looking for something specific.

7. Social Photo Booths

Can’t we just take a selfie? Sure, you could just take a selfie, but with a social photo booth, you can get some super cool photos and share them to social media easily.

When you have a social photo booth at your party, it is more likely everyone is going to get photos. When people are having a lot of fun, it is easy to forget about taking photos.

8. Contests

People have a lot of fun competing against their friends and family. There are some pretty easy contests you can put together. Consider doing something like best hat, cutest shoes, scavenger hunts, trivia, and other fun things.

There are endless options and depending on your party, there is likely something you can do to make it a themed contest.

For instance, if you’re having a bachelorette party, you could do trivia with the bride about her soon-to-be husband or marriage in general. If you’re having a birthday party, you could have people guess what age different events happened in their life, etc.

9. Graffiti Artist

There is something breathtaking that happens when you see a work of art take place in front of your eyes. If you have enough space, bringing in a graffiti artist is a lot of fun and will definitely keep everyone’s attention.

If you want to get the conversation flowing then this is a perfect way to do it. You can even hold a raffle where the winner will be able to take the work of art home with them. If you’re having a charity event, this can be a great way to raise money for your cause.

Putting Party Entertainment Ideas to Use

Now you know more about some of the top party entertainment ideas you can use to spice up your next event. Having entertainment at your party will take it to a whole other level.

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