Do parking garages give you the creeps? If so, you aren’t alone. When most people think of a parking garage, they picture a gray cement structure.

One company aims to change parking garages for the better. It offers an award for the World’s Coolest Car Park.

Would you like to transform your parking garage into a car park?

How Can Parking Garages Create a More Appealing Experience?

Let’s imagine the most amazing parking garage ever. It might include:

  • An advanced reserved parking space
  • A valet to park your car
  • Pictures taken of all sides of your car before parking
  • Security cameras, fencing, and barriers
  • Valet delivery of your car upon your return
  • Innovative parking systems that allow you to pay by phone

Now, what if the garages were also architectural wonders?

Top 5 Winners of the 2018 World’s Coolest Car Parks

This award was based on votes from people from around the world. They rated parking garages based on the design and creativity of the building.

1. Quick Parking Morelli Car Park in Naples, Italy

This car park is located inside a historic cave. You drive in and out through the mouth of the cave.

The cavern connects to tunnels as it has for centuries. The architects worked to find a balance between the ancient cave and the new building.

The structure contains seven levels. Drivers get to the three public parking levels via three different tunnels.

2. AZ Saint-Lucas Car Park in Ghent, Belgium

This parking structure stretches over two different buildings which create an open feeling. Each building has white, metal balustrade borders with thousands of small geometric perforations. Greenery and trees create cool shady areas.

3. Victoria Gate Multi Storey in Leeds, UK

This car park sits in the Leed’s Victoria Quarter which contains retail stores, arcades, restaurants, and leisure facilities. The façade is made of twisted aluminum fin cladding.  This creates interesting shadow patterns on the building.

4. RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam

This structure features spiraling, helix-shaped towers. Blue LED lights illuminate the curved edges of the building at night creating a mesmerizing view.

5. Sinking Ship Multi-Story in Seattle, Washington, USA

This unique parking garage, built in the 1960s, was part of the neighborhood’s restoration. In keeping with the triangle shape of the property, the building is a steep sloping triangle.

The floors slope in the opposite direction from the hill. The surrounding streets serve as access ramps.

When viewing this building, it looks as though it is sinking into the ground.  Thus, the name, The Sinking Ship.

Will Your Parking Garage Make the Next List?

Do you plan to build or redesign a parking garage? Draw customers to your unique parking experience

Find ways to focus on excellent customer service. Optimize security concerns.  Explore ways to make your business more efficient for you and your customers.

Consider hiring an architect. Ask them to look for ways to incorporate interesting or historic features about the location into the design.

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