It’s the city of Light. The place where Audry Hepburn’s “Sabrina” transformed from a shy girl to a sophisticated young woman. It’s a city so synonymous with everything romantic, including a specific form of kissing.

So who wouldn’t want to visit Paris, France?

Take a break from the mundane to plan a getaway. For your next adventure, why not say bonjour to the fashion capital of the world.

But when you arrive, ensure you see the best attractions for a Paris tourist.
Need some tips to get you started? Keep reading.

Activities for the Paris Tourist

Paris is unlike any other city. It’s vast history, remarkable cuisine, and culture make it a top destination for a traveler. 

While planning your vacation, make a list of things to see and do in Paris. Comparison shop for packages to receive the best price. Try searching on the Tour Guy website for available bargains.

Be mindful not to go overboard with activities. Don’t cram your days with too many sites or you may burn out. Instead, space out your tours and allow for general sightseeing. You never know what will turn up.

Here’s a list of some incredible attractions you’ll enjoy during a trip to Paris.

1. Paris Catacombs Tour

Paris Catacombs Tour

Want to explore the underground graves? Then book a tour of the Paris Catacombs. During the tour, learn the history of its use, how it was constructed, and the artwork within.

Buying your tickets online could save you time and money. So act fast if you want to go.

2. Palace of Versailles Tour

Spend some time in the lap of luxury as you tour the Palace of Versailles. Versailles is well-known for the royal family of the 17th century. Learn the stories of the French monarchs, view gorgeous paintings, and spend time in the gardens.

The lines do get long during the summer. Buy your tickets in advance to avoid the crowds.

3. Shakespeare and Company


Paris attracts readers and writers from all over the world. Shakespeare and Company is an English-language bookstore with a rich tradition. Authors such as James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Henry Miller visited this magical store.

Throughout the years Shakespeare and Company flourished into the literary hub of today. If you’re in the mood for a new journey of the imagination stop in and peruse the shelves.  

4. Eiffel Tower


Any trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Eiffel tower. Whether you rise to the top by sunlight or moonlight, it’s a must for every Paris tourist.

But if you go to the Eiffel tower at night you’ll be able to see Paris sparkle.

5. The Louvre

Art museum tours have never been more exciting than at the Louvre. 

Home to the legendary Mona Lisa painting, the Louvre offers a highlights tour, an insightful tour with attention to the Mona Lisa & Venus de Milo, and an under the stars tour.

No matter the tour you’re inner art critic will feast its eyes on thousands of well-known works of art. 

6. Sainte-Chapelle

Sainte-Chapelle provides stunning rainbows as sunlight pours through it’s 1,100 plus stained glass windows. Crafted in the gothic look, Sainte-Chapelle features life-sized statues of the Holy Apostles. A visit to this church is heavenly.

7. Rue De Rivoli Shopping

People come to Paris for the clothes. Every year thousands flock to the city of Light for Fashion week. But if you’re more into shopping til you drop then visit Rue De Rivoli, one of the many shopping districts in Paris.   Located in the same area as the Louvre, the Rue De Rivoli doesn’t disappoint. After you’ve bought out the entire district stop into one of the many eateries and restaurants to dine.

Expand Your Horizons

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If you enjoy visiting destinations that educate and exhilarate, then it’s time you became a Paris tourist. No other city in the world offers the same combination of luxurious landmarks, sophistication, and romance.

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