The main cause of death and morbidity in children are unintentional injuries. Most of these incidences can get prevented with safety precautions.

Are you wondering how to start baby proofing a house? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over ways you can make your home safe.

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Secure Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be an unsafe area for young children. A lot of toddlers and babies will go into a bathroom and open different cabinets or play in the toilet.

Your cabinets tend to get filled with household cleaners and toiletries. If your child consumes one of those, they could get hurt in a severe manner. Some children have even drowned in their bathrooms.

Secure your toilets with a child-proof lock and make sure the bathroom door gets locked as well.

Declutter Your Space

When your baby is six months, they will begin to roll, move, and play on the floor. At this point, you’ll want to get the perspective of your baby. See what’s lying on the ground.

Make sure the cabinets are secure so that objects can’t fall off. Anchor heavy furniture and remove items like lamps from side tables.

Injuries can occur from having a television tipping over on your child. See if you can mount your television on the wall instead.

When you’re at home, do a quick walkthrough of your home and make sure loose items get put away.

Check All the Electrical Sources

Some young toddlers see an electrical outlet and try to put their fingers in them. Cover up all the electrical outlets in your home and make sure they can’t get pulled away from your baby’s fingers.

Go through your home and count how many covers you’ll need to pick up.

Guard Your Stairways

Remain extra cautious around the stairways in your home. Pick up a couple of safety gates for the tops of your stairs. Close or lock doors that lead to other stairwells.

You won’t have to track your newborn baby. Yet, once you notice they are moving around, make sure you put your gates out.

Secure All Medications

Make sure you lock your cabinets or keep the medications in a high one. Yet once your child can climb, storing them on a top shelf won’t be enough. You will need to lock the cabinets.

Don’t store your medications or pills in your purse. Small kids could mistake them for candy. Learn more about baby proofing from these tips from EliteBaby.

Now You Know More About Baby Proofing a House

We hope you found this guide on baby proofing helpful. Create a list for all the things you need to do for baby proofing a house. Think about your baby’s perspective and what they can reach.

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