Are you selling your car in the state of Florida?  Perhaps you’re ready to switch things up a bit and pick up a new ride with a little more style?  Or you need to get rid of the bachelor ride and get a safe reliable car for your new family. Maybe you’d like to give your old car to your son or daughter before they head off to college?  Do you understand what paperwork you will need to have taken care of when selling a car in Florida?

Below are some tips to help you along when you are ready to take the leap.

  • Bill of Sale

The Bill of Sale is a summary of the sale of your car.  It should include the Year, Make, and Model of your car.  While also providing mileage unless your car is over 10 years old.  You need to include the color and body type of the vehicle too. Don’t forget the VIN number and Certificate of Title Number.  You will need to include the buyer’s address along with yours, the date of sale, and the amount you sold it for.

  • Notice of Sale

The Notice of Sale is what you should send to the DMV, ASAP, after you sell your used car.  I repeat do this As Soon As Possible since it releases you from the burden of any liability from that point on.  An important piece of information to remember is that the Notice of Sale should also be sent to your local tax collector’s office.  There are stories of people being lackadaisical with the Notice of Sale and it coming back to bite them.  For instance, if the new owner doesn’t Title the car in his or her name right away and something were to go wrong you can still be held accountable.  So take care of the Notice of Sale part of the deal, stat.

  • State Car Title Certificate (Transfer of Title)

There is a section on your Title Certificate that you need to be sure to fill out which is the Transfer of Title information.  This is similar to the Bill of Sale information such as Year, Make, and Model, and mileage if needed. The Bill of Sale is basically an informal receipt of sale, but the State Car Title is formal and required by the State of Florida while the Bill of Sale isn’t required in the state of Florida, however, highly recommended.

  • Vehicle History Report

The Vehicle History Report is something you’ll want to have on hand before even showing your car let alone selling it.  This supports your validity as a salesman, and most of the people looking to purchase a new car will want to see one anyway before they sign any papers. You can use car sell zone for the easiest way.

Selling your car on your own can be extremely overwhelming with a lot of hoops to jump through, and you want to make sure you are doing all the right things in the process, so arm yourself with these simple steps and you’ll be just fine.

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