Are you tired of boring and simple white doors in your house?

There’s not much creativity that goes into having all white doors on the exterior and interior of a home. Almost all the front doors in the neighborhood are white, which means the interior doors are most likely white as well.

You could follow along and keep your doors basic as well, but you’re not basic! You have lots of creativity and ideas flowing through you. You’re just not sure where to start.

You need some painted door ideas to give your brain a boost! The guide below is the perfect place to begin. Continue reading to learn about a few painted front door ideas and some ideas for the interior doors as well.

1. Bright Teal

A bright teal front door with a matte finish is gorgeous for any home. Teal works well against plenty of background colors, but you’ll want to ensure it’ll fit right with the color of your house. If your house is painted a blue or teal color, then you’ll want to choose something different for your front door.

If your house is painted white, a shade of tan, or a subtle yellow shade, then the bright teal door could be a great choice! To complete the look, consider placing a few of your favorite garden knick-knacks by the front door that’ll play off the colors.

For example, you can find a few garden gnomes with teal on their hats or in their clothing to set by the front door.

2. Off Black

You may be thinking that a black door isn’t something you can imagine in a house. An off-black door works well with certain colors, though. If your house is painted a dark color, then you might want to choose a lighter color for your door.

If your house is already painted a bold color, even if it’s not dark, then you might not want to go with such a bold color for a door like black. However, if your house is painted white, a black door can complete the modern look. This color combination especially works well with a white brick home.

3. Mustard Yellow

In some situations, it’s a great idea to choose a paint color for your exterior door that blends with its environment. Think about the area you live in. Try to find a color that compliments your location.

For example, if you live near the beach, you might choose a fun coastal color such as a light pink. If you live in a drier area, such as Arizona or Nevada, then you can consider going with a Mustard Yellow. The mustard shade blends well with elements in the area and will make your home look like a true staple in the neighborhood!

Mustard yellow is also a great color to use on your home’s interior doors as well. Be sure to contact professionals like these interior painters to ensure the paint is done correctly. Getting that perfect finish can sometimes be more difficult than we think we doing it alone.

4. Vibrant Red

Another great color choice for homes in drier regions, which may be made of stucco is a vibrant red. A red door will be the focal point of your home, especially when it’s placed on a stucco background. A bright red door also looks wonderful on a house made of classic brick or white-painted brick.

If your house is made of classic brick, then consider painting the post on the front porch and the overhead white. This will help the red door stand out more.

5. Classic White

You may be wondering why a classic white door would be on our list. Although you want to explore different paint colors and dig into your inner creativity skills, sometimes a classic white door is all you need. If your home is painted a bright or bold color, then a white door might stand out more than you’d think.

You should stray away from a classic white door if the home’s exterior paint color is white because the door and exterior walls will end up blending in with one another. It’s a great choice, however, when placing it against several other colors. This could be something to keep in mind if you’d rather have a new color on your house.

6. Popping Yellow

A bright and exciting yellow is not the same as a mustard yellow. Mustard yellow is a more neutral color where a bright and popping yellow is more in your face. A bright yellow door will look marvelous on a small cottage home.

It works well with other styles of homes as well. If you choose to go with a bright yellow, be sure to set it up against a more modest color such as a classic white house. Placing a yellow door on an already colorful house might make it seem as though there’s too much going on.

7. Sage Green

If you’re a nature lover, then you’re going to appreciate this next idea. A sage green door isn’t a dark and bold green or bright and vibrant green. Sage green is more relaxing and calm.

It works well on a neutral-colored house such as a white house or a house painted with shades of tan. To complete the look, you can place greenery all around your front door or on the front porch. Pot plants and place them on either side of the door.

Put plants in a hanging pot and hang them from the roof of the porch. It makes your home feel welcoming and one with nature.

Use These Painted Door Ideas for Your Home!

Choosing the right color of paint for your exterior or interior doors can be a difficult decision to make. We hope the painted door ideas in this guide were enough to start the creativity going inside your mind. Keep these ideas in mind when it’s time to begin painting!

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