You’ve got three fans blazing and the AC down as far as you can get it. You feel like no matter what you do you can’t escape the sweltering heat. Summers in Florida are no joke.

There is a way for you to get away though and all it will cost you is a passport and a plane ticket. You see, while Florida is in the middle of summer, there are many places in the world that either has brisk summers or are experiencing more winter weather. 

If this sounds like a saving grace to you, here are a few summer vacation destinations that can help you ditch the sweat.

1. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Want to keep the allures of the coast while escaping the heat? Head to Canada. Temperatures at Cape Brenton Island usually stay within a manageable 70 degrees range.

With the gentle breezes, it may seem even cooler than 70. Enjoy this breeze alongside the dolphins, whales, seals, and eagles. 

2. Denali National Park, Alaska

Enjoy the 60-degree weather at the lovely Denali National Park in Alaska. Camp under the stars, and hike through the 6 million acre area. Okay, so you probably won’t be able to explore all of it in one trip.

No matter how far you get into your hiking adventure you’ll have the opportunity to spot gray wolves, moose, reindeer, and Dall’s sheep. 

3. Norway

Like Denali, the average temperature of summers in Norway doesn’t usually go over the 60-degree mark. You’ll have choices to take in more of the green scenery, head over to a more metropolitan area, or do a little bit of both. 

Oslo has a booming nightlife and some amazing places where you can shop and catch a bite to eat. No reason why you can’t check out the blue fjords by the day and hit the town by night right?  

4. Iceland 

Summers in Iceland stay at a cool 50-degrees even smack dab in the middle of July. This makes it the perfect getaway for those trying to experience winter a little early. 

If 50-degrees is still a bit too warm for you then you can go for a refreshing swim in the geothermal spring or take a hike on a glacier. 

5. New Zealand 

If Iceland wasn’t wintry enough for you then head to New Zealand to be amongst the Hobbits. New Zealand is located below the equator so the seasons are flipped on their head. While you’re getting 100-degree weather in Florida, in New Zealand is seeing snow. 

So if you want a destination where you can do a little skiing this country is going to be your best bet. You’ll also get the chance to see a few humpback whales if you’re lucky. 

6. Falls Creek, Australia 

Australia is another country that experiences winter while Florida is going through summer. Their Victoria ski resort is the busiest during this time of year. Once you’re done on the slopes you can head over to Melbourne.

Melbourne has some pretty amazing nightlife activities that you can enjoy along with great food and plenty of shopping. 

7. Sierra Blanca, New Mexico

Sierra Blanca, New Mexico doesn’t typically shoot past the 60-degree mark during the summer. This makes it ideal for participating in a little outdoor fun like hiking, zip lining, biking, and this fun activity for Summer.  

If you get hungry or tired from all the sports you can head to the many restaurants and cafes in the area to rest and get a bite to eat. 

8. Glacier National Park, Montana

If you’re planning to do some heavy hiking and backpacking there is no better place than Glacier National Park in Montana. There are a million and one beautiful trails for you to explore including the Going-to-The-Sun Road that is only open during the summer. These trails are full of scenic pleasures and unique wildlife that you won’t want to miss. 

Once you’re done on your hiking adventure you can drive a little over ten hours to Seattle to enjoy a bit of the city life.   

Montana is a little warmer than most of the other places on this list. The high is usually around 70 during the summer. If you don’t want to dip out of the 60 degrees range then the best time to go will be around May. 

9. Garzón Uruguay

Uruguay stays in the high 50s range as far as temperatures go. It’s a little brisk and feels amazing when towering above the scenery in a hot air balloon ride.

Couple the scenery from the balloon ride with a trip to one of the many wineries open during this time of year and you’ve got yourself a romantic evening. 

10. Patagonia, Argentina

The last spot on our list goes to an area on the map that’s even colder than New Zealand during the summer. Patagonia, Argentina reaches a brisk 35 degrees making it feel like a freezer when compared to Florida. 

It’s the perfect weather for making a snowman or skiing and you’ll have plenty of resorts to choose from to do it.  

Summer Vacation Destinations That Will Allow You to Escape the Heat 

Summers in Florida are so brutal that you’ll be using every fan in your house. This will use up a ton of power and may or may not give you the relief you need. Cool down by hopping on a plane and heading to one of these summer vacation destinations for a little taste of fall and winter. 

If you loved some of these travel ideas we’ve got more where that came from. Check out the travel section on our blog. 

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