Over 4.5 million Americans wear braces. How can you get them to become customers of your orthodontic business?

Attracting new customers can be tough for any small company, especially an orthodontist. But, new customers are vital for your business to cover costs, make a profit, and expand.

If you’re curious about what you could do to improve your orthodontic marketing strategies, read on to learn our top tips

Create a Patient Referral Program

A great ortho marketing strategy is to create a patient referral program. A good orthodontist is hard to come by, so many parents or patients may refer your name to a classmate or colleague.

To incentivize this, why not offer a reward for each successful referral, such as a small discount. Or, put all the referral names into a draw for a monthly prize.

Take Before and After Photos

Show off your incredible work with before and after photos from past clients. Everyone goes to an ortho because they want a perfect smile, so provide inspiration to others with some before and after photos.

Orthodontic websites are a top place to showcase your work, so create a before and after page for your site. Of course, it won’t do any good if no one can find your website, so use these orthodontist SEO tips to make sure your site is ranking highly in search engines, like Google.

Network With Local Dentists

Dentists are the main referral source for orthodontists, so get to know them as much as you can. Why not host a networking lunch for dental professionals in your area, or send a birthday card to each of your local dentists?

This way, you’ll be in front of mind next time they have a new client to refer.

Offer Financing

As we know, the cost of braces and dental work can be expensive. To help ease the burden, can you offer payment plans or financing for your clients?

This can help make your treatments affordable to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. You can also promote your payment plans as part of your orthodontist marketing strategy, letting people know that you now offer the service.

Use Social Media

Every orthodontist looking to attract new clients should be using social media. Set up a Facebook page and update it regularly with exciting news, photos of happy customers, or any upcoming promotions.

You can also allow user reviews on your page, building up testimonials from past clients.

Or, use your account to create a Facebook advertising campaign. You can target potential customers in your demographic. It’s easy to set up and cost-effective and can be a good way to generate leads.

Improve Your Orthodontic Marketing Today

If your orthodontic marketing strategy for your business needs some work, incorporate the above strategies into your promotions. You’ll soon start seeing results and enjoying the advantages that come with new clients.

Get started today and your business will thank you.

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