It is a major challenge for anybody suffering from substance abuse or alcohol addiction to come out of the same. And addiction treatment is also a challenging profession. Frequently, those who are already addicted get affected by mental disorders after a prolonged period. There can be a variety of reasons starting from broken relationships, stress at the workplace, depression, anxiety, etc.

Since the cause of addiction is different, a generic treatment cannot be suitable. A customized process that can address individual problems can bring about positive results for addiction treatment. If you or any of your close or loved ones is a victim of addiction, the first step is to convince yourself or the particular individual that he or she is addicted. You can then ask for support or help others to recover.

ORO House Luxury Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

ORO House Luxury Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

Certain treatment centers follow a different addiction treatment process compared to most rehabs, and ORO House is one of them. The in-patient treatment procedure consists of:

  • Breaking up the patients into groups of five or six people
  • Regular drug test and monitoring
  • Engaging the patients in several activities
  • Minimize the feeling of isolation in patients
  • Help the patients return to normal and active life as soon as possible
  • Co-ordinating with the patient’s family members or close ones
  • Long term monitoring to prevent relapses and re-occurrences, which are frequent outcomes

treatment packages

There are several addiction treatment packages available. You can choose between luxury treatment packages or treatment programs for young addicts based on financial capability. The luxury package would consist of premium facilities for highly salaried professionals. Young adults require a separate process of treatment which is more nurturing and caring.

The staff includes professionals who are experienced and highly trained in their respective fields of expertise. The patients may require treatment for:

  • Addiction
  • Mental disorder
  • Both addiction and mental disorder – In these cases, there is a dual diagnosis process. The medicines consist of antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and psychotherapeutic medications.


Apart from dual diagnosis treatment, ORO House Luxury Malibu Addiction Treatment Center also follows a 12-step rehab treatment program. It is a holistic treatment process that offers:

  • Dealing with crises
  • De-addiction from drug and alcohol
  • Residential treatment spanning a period of 30, 60, or more than 90 days
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Post-treatment services
  • Alumni program

ORO house has been highly successful with the non-12 step dual diagnosis treatment. The patients who have recovered have been highly appreciative of this treatment process.

If you have health insurance, you can check the total costs that you would have to incur before enrolling for treatment. Most PPO insurances are accepted over there.

According to the staff at ORO House, the most critical part of the treatment process is to convince the patient or make him or she understand that they have a problem of addiction. They also have to realize that it is harmful to themselves or their family members and close ones. The treatment process becomes easier if the patients are willing to cooperate and want to come out of addiction. Besides this, the staff members consider love and compassion as an essential part of the therapy.

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