Skin care products are essential to having clean, healthy skin. There are various products on the shelves, all ranging in price. Anything will do, right? Except when it’s full of harmful chemicals.

Looking to change your routine and stop putting chemicals on your skin? This post about organic skin care will tell you everything you need to know.

What Kind of Chemicals are in Skin Care Products?

Your skin is an amazing thing. It’s the body’s largest organ and has many amazing features that keep you functioning. Skin products are necessary to keep it smooth and healthy. But what’s in the products you use? Are they good for you?

Labels on skin care products can be long. Not to mention the words that don’t make sense. What is it you’re putting on your skin? Most companies don’t want you to know.


You might love that particular scent from your favorite moisturizer. Yet the fragrances used in it may not be the best.

Avoid using products that contain fragrances. The bad part is, these kinds of fragrances aren’t mandated to be on labels. So, unless they use natural scents like essential oils, avoid it.

Mineral Oil

We all want foundations to stay put. But at what cost? Mineral oil is one additive in makeups and moisturizers to look out for. It’s other names are:

  • Petrolatum
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Paraffin oil

These all block pores and cause blackheads and other skin irritation.


Parabens are preservatives found in most beauty products. But they can also make an appearance in other skin products. It’s a very common additive, yet it has the potential to grow cancer cells.

Organic Skin Care Products

Give your skin some love with these natural, organic skin care products. Your body will thank you for giving it what it needs.

1. Herbivore Botanicals

If you like the sweet, delicate scent of roses look no further. Herbivore Botanicals offers their Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme.

It’s a hydrating moisturizer. And best of all, it doesn’t have preservatives or synthetic ingredients. You can feel good about putting this smooth cream on your face.

2. Little Barn Apothecary

Little Barn Apothecary doesn’t only have a cute name, they also have great products. This brand is a small-batch company which makes it a great source for organic products. They hand select their ingredients and craft it with care.

Their Coffee and Mint body scrub is a delightful combination of scents. And it’ll do wonders for your skin. They also have several other products including serums and dry shampoo.

3. CBD Cream

You’ve likely been hearing all about CBD lately. It’s helpful with pain, anxiety, and even cancer. But did you also know it’s an effective skin care product like Life Patent.

CBD cream is an effective treatment against acne. How does CBD cream help your skin? It targets the overproduction of sebum, the cause of acne. It’s all natural and completely legal in all states. You’ll love the results.

4. 100% Pure

This company offers a wide range of organic products. As the name suggests, the products have 100 percent natural substances. With things such as honeysuckle and added vitamins, you know this product will be good for you.

This company sells many products. Sunscreen, lotion, and even bubble bath liquid are for sale. They also tout zero animal testing on their products so you can even better about buying from them.

5. The Pendulum Potion Complete Cleansing Oil

Everyone needs a cleanser, and May Lindstrom has one for you.

The Pendulum Potion Complete Cleansing Oil is full of goodness. It’s hydrating cleanse leaves your face feeling clean and smooth. And the sweet, spiced scents will leave you smelling beautiful.

Organic Beauty Products

Skin care isn’t only about the cleansers and moisturizers. Organic cosmetics are on the list as well.

6. Ilia Natural Cosmetics

Who says natural can’t be colorful?

Ilia’s natural cosmetic products bring out the best in every face. These multi-use cosmetics are the best. The reason is that you don’t have to buy several different products at once to enjoy them.

Tinted lip conditioner comes in several hydrating colors. The multi-stick acts as lipstick, eyeshadow, and can even go on your cheeks.

7. RMS Beauty

What makes this one of the best organic beauty brands is that it’s completely natural. It’s made from raw materials that are food grade. This concealer not only covers well, but it’s also great for skin health.

The eco-friendly and cruelty-free aspects of this brand make it a guiltless buy.

8. Alima Pure

Foundations can be some of the hardest organic beauty products to find. But Alima Pure has them.

The powder foundation is soy-based and recyclable. Save the planet while pampering your face. It comes in several different shades to fit most skin types. They have other beauty products as well, such as eyeshadow.

9. Nourishing Eyeliner

Who knew eyeliner could be nourishing?

Burt’s Bee’s knew, and they set to work making it for you. It comes in three different shades and doesn’t contain chemicals. It contains jojoba and mango oil, making it easy to apply.

10. Makeup Remover

Once you get makeup on, you have to take it off. But a lot of makeup removers have harsh chemicals to help get rid of layers of cover.

Not Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway. It’s a balm that cleanses and removes makeup. With natural oils and extracts mixed together, it’s a powerful product to be sure. It not only removes oil and dirt. It also takes off waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

You’ll feel crisp and clean with its minty smell and feel against your skin.

More Fashion and Beauty

The health of your skin is essential to feeling confident and healthy. Whether you go natural or you like making yourself up. Organic skin care is one step closer to radiant skin that shines for the world to see.

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