As it turns out, just over half of the breweries opened within the past forty years are still open and running. Of all the small businesses you could start, opening a brewery could make for a safe bet. Not only is it a great way to blend business and recreation, but it makes for a welcoming place for the community around you to gather.

Perhaps you’re considering opening a brewery of your own. If so, there’s quite a list of preliminary measures you’ll have to take first. This brief guide will cover the basics of opening your own brewery.

Conceptualize, Plan, and Brand

Winery or Brewery Tour

When it comes to how to open a brewery, it goes without saying that you’ll need a solid business plan first. However, something you should consider in the early stages of planning is that there are over nine thousand microbreweries in the United States already. Therefore, it’s important for your brewery to stand out.

Separate yourself from the pack with an original name and concept, as well as a unique and fitting personal brand. Of course, these should be congruent with the demographics you hope to attract as well as how you envision your product.

Determine the Cost of Opening a Brewery

When it comes to the cost to open a brewery, it all very much depends on the scale of the brewery you’re envisioning.

After all, opening your own microbrewery that produces only a few thousand barrels of beer per year will require a completely different budget and arrangement of equipment than a larger-scale operation.

You will need a quality contract brewing company if you don’t plan on brewing your own been in-house. If you are brewing your own beer, you will need the loans and investments to cover the cost of your own brewing equipment, which can cost up to $100,000.


Obtain Licenses and Permits

Running a brewery is much like running any small business, though with one key exception. If you’re wondering “how hard is it to open a brewery” the most crucial answer is that it all rides on your ability to score liquor and/or/restaurant licenses.

The process and cost of application vary state to state, and can even end up running you multiple thousands of dollars. Either way, you’ll need to make sure to do all your research beforehand.

Design a Menu

Whether you only plan on serving beer or a variation of bar foods, you’ll want to design your perfect menu before you open.

Make sure your beer selection strikes the right balance of diversity in characteristics and flavor profiles, and ascertain that any food can be prepared competently and safely. Remember, anything you serve singlehandedly makes or breaks your brand and word-of-mouth!

Open Brewery

Stay Ahead of the Small Business Curve

Opening a brewery is one thing, but maintenance and vigilance after you’ve opened to the public is another job entirely.

Keep up-to-date for even more of the latest and most vital in small business management, trends, and more!

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