Are you considering shipping a car? If so you’ll want to know about open vs. enclosed car shipping, so you can decide if this is the right option for you.

While both open and closed vehicle delivery methods are safe, the added security and exclusivity of closed transportation are invaluable when transporting high-value vehicles.

Among haulers, there are more options for open car transporters than closed ones. So those who are thinking about how to send a car often gravitate towards open shipment. But everybody is different.

Here’s everything you need to know about open vs. enclosed car shipping.

Evaluate Your Options

Evaluate Your Options

You need to first evaluate all the leading auto transport companies to determine the best auto freight brokers in the country based on cost, service, and customer experience. Remember shipping is becoming expensive due to the pandemic especially if it involves international borders so do keep this in mind.

The shipping company is more important than any other consideration. Since the better companies are more likely to cover you if something does go wrong. This is regardless of whether you chose open or enclosed shipping.

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Open Car Delivery Is The Fastest Method

The type of car delivery method, open car delivery and closed car delivery, will determine the cost or amount of money you will spend to transport the car.

What is open car shipping? This is where the car is not covered as it is transported along the highway. Since fewer vehicles can be moved at the same time, closed transport – that is covered – will be more expensive than open transport.

The move makes covered transport more expensive than using an open carrier. This means a closed carrier will have fewer collection vehicles and fewer delivery vehicles.

Since there are many more open carriers than closed carriers, consumers can ship their vehicles faster. Delivery of a car by open transport is cheaper since from 7 to 10 cars can be loaded and sent to a double-deck trailer at the same time.

Most carriers prefer open trailers to closed trailers because they are more likely to bring more profit potential as they can easily accommodate more vehicles.

Covered trucks are generally the same size as open car trailers, but due to the restrictions created by the barrier walls, they cannot accommodate that many vehicles – while an open car dump truck can hold up to 10 vehicles, an enclosed multi-seat trailer can transport around 7 cars.

Long Trailers

Open body car companies use long trailers (typically 75 to 80 feet long), double deck with a long row of cars on the top deck and a shorter row on the bottom (there are also flush trailers that are used for luxury cars or express delivery, as well as dump trucks with single-level tractors used for short-distance deliveries and local hauls).

While most trucking companies will transport your vehicles with a tractor-trailer, depending on which company you choose, you may have the option of using open or closed transport.

Open road transport is a widely used method of transporting vehicles “In the open” or a multi-purpose trailer with no external cover. Closed road transport, also known as closed or covered road transport, is a special delivery option that provides extra protection for your vehicle.

Auto-Delivery Fee

If you are one of those car owners who do not spare money, the auto-delivery included in the price will suit you. You can choose between open delivery or closed delivery as directed by the courier service.

However, if you are looking to save time and money and are just shipping your commuter car, open delivery may be sufficient.

Unless you are shipping a classic car, open transportation is the most reliable option. Closed shipping is best suited if you are transporting a vehicle of high monetary or sentimental value, such as a luxury or classic car. With closed delivery, you can be sure that your vehicle is transported with the highest level of protection and safety.

Closed Shipping Is Costly

Closed Shipping Is Costly

The unique nature of closed shipping results in a higher price, making closed shipping a solution for high-value vehicles such as antiques, collectibles, and high-end models.

Transportation of covered cars is convenient for short distances, since there are not many people who could go out of town on your vehicle, and this will cost a lot of money.

Outdoor trailers generally require less fuel than closed transport trailers, so the fuel costs of transporting closed vehicles will further increase your vehicle’s transportation costs. However, for special vehicles such as exotic cars, classic cars, and classic cars, we recommend that you consider transporting closed cars.

Closed Shipping Is Great For Expensive Cars

Whether you’re looking to ship an exotic, bespoke, classic, vintage, luxury, or high-end passenger car, this is the obvious choice due to its many special benefits. If you’re trying to figure out if covered road transport is the best option for you, let us give you some examples of when it’s the right choice.

Open transport is suitable for any type of vehicle and is cheaper than closed road transport, so it is used more frequently (most vehicles – about 90% – use automatic open transport for transport).

Although open shipping is not as secure as open shipping, it is still a safe option. Closed car express is a great car delivery option you can use, especially if you’re shipping a classic or custom car. Covered car transport provides peace of mind for customers who need their vehicles to arrive in perfect condition.

Closed hauls are often desired by collector car owners and are used for classic, luxury, vintage, custom, and sports cars. When carrying an expensive model. If you have an expensive exotic or luxury model, using a closed pet carrier may be less stressful.

In the future driverless trucks might be able to solve the logistical nightmare of delivering goods.

Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping: Depends On Your Needs

Enclosed Car Shipping

Whether you want open vs. enclosed car shipping depends on what you are looking for. If you have an expensive or rare car then it might be worth paying extra for closed shipping. But remember this option will take longer.

If you want the fastest and cheapest option then open car shipping might be for you. As ever, the service you receive will depend on the company you choose.

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