Indeed, the pandemic has drastically changed the movements of commercial industries. While most establishments that sell essential goods such as food and medicines are gradually opening their doors, several stores that offer leisure are still closed, as they are not considered as essential commodities.

Meanwhile, although leisure goods and services are non-essential, these things are what keep people sane during these darkest times–and even before the pandemic. They lighten the heaviness that the pandemic has brought, soothe someone’s anxiety, and enable homebodies to do something that makes them happy.

Today, since physical stores are closed, online platforms have been utilized to supplement people’s wants, and one of them is online membership clubs. Each online membership club has distinct offerings, activities, and benefits that a member can splurge on. Now, if you’re seeking an online membership club, below are some of the cool online clubs you can join.

1. Southern Cigar Co.

Not everyone is into cigars, but let’s face the fact that some people find comfort and refuge in every inhale and exhale from a cigar stick. It’s one of the favorite pastimes of men and some women, even in the earlier centuries. If you’re one of those who enjoy the cigar, you should join the Southern Cigar Co, one of the best and leading cigar clubs online.

Club Benefits

When you join the Southern Cigar Co. club, as a member, the first box you’ll receive contains a double guillotine cutter, triple torch lighter, and four fresh cigars with a Boveda humidity pack. Besides, the club will send four cigars each month to you. And if you’re doubtful about the cigars’ freshness, you don’t have to worry because they follow strict guidelines that maintain the quality of their product.

2. Toastmasters International

Learning must never stop, even during this time of the pandemic. During this global crisis, you must continue to hone your mind and allow yourself to have fun during the learning course. One of the clubs that offer this kind of learning is Toastmasters International. It’s a club that provides opportunities for communicators to express their public speaking skills and boost the confidence of the younger speakers.

Club Benefits

In this club, not only you’ll be able to improve and express your communication skills, but also they give you essential materials that help you along your way, either you’re already advanced or a beginner. It includes engaging learning materials such as interactive assessments, videos, and useful tips. They also give feedback about your progress.

3. MOMS Club

Across the globe, millions of mothers are called at-home moms. It means that they are the mothers who stay at home to rear their children and keep their home. Before, at-home moms have time to talk to their fellow moms in gatherings or even just outside their house. However, due to the pandemic, they no longer do it since infectious disease experts and the government urge the citizens to observe physical social distancing. But, with the help of MOMS Club, at-home mothers across the globe stay connected.

Club Benefits

Since it’s not advisable for meet-ups, the MOMS Club is a perfect club for at-home mothers since they can communicate with other at-home moms in their respective chapters. They can exchange conversations and suggest activities that can be done at home.

4. Goodreads

A room filled with books is the ultimate dream of every bookworm. But, because of the pandemic, libraries and bookstores have shut their bookshelves, crushing book lovers’ dreams. However, online platforms have been utilized to sustain readership, and one of the top clubs that a book lover can join is Goodreads, the world’s largest site for book lovers and book recommendations.

Club Benefits

When you join and become a member of Goodreads, below are some of the things you can do.

  1. You can view the book that your friend is reading and vice-versa;
  2. You can track your reading progress, what you have read, and the book you’re eyeing to read;
  3. Get a personalized book recommendation and a book that receives the best community’s review.

5. GameClub

Playing video games on mobile and other gadgets is totally fun, especially if you enjoy it with your family. But, some games are only free-trial and full of ads, which is kind of irritating every time it pops up. If you’re tired of frustrating gaming experience, joining GameClub would be your best decision.

Club Benefits

In this club, you have unlimited access to their premium mobile games without ads and additional purchases. You will receive handpicked-game suggestions by the experts that you can play week after week. Furthermore, the great thing about their games is that you can play them offline anytime and anywhere. It’s a club made by mobile gamers for mobile gamers.


In a nutshell, regardless of what you want during this pandemic is considered non-essential because the most important thing here is that it keeps you sane and motivated every day. Consequently, it would become essential for your inner satisfaction. Hence, the above-mentioned are just some of the clubs you can join amid the pandemic where you can genuinely consider yourself a member.

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