Marketing is all about staying current. The promotional turns and tricks that were relevant a few years ago are nowhere to be seen today. 2019 was indeed a happening year, but you can’t step into 2020 with the same mindset. 

It is because the trends, technology, and algorithms, all have evolved with time. Online marketing Gurus suggest that sticking to the old marketing tactics means draining your time and resources without worthwhile outcomes. For any business, there is nothing worse than getting stuck in the past. 

In 2020, you can give more leverage to your marketing techniques by taking the following measures: 

1. Emphasize research 

Guest posts have always been a solid alternative to gather inbound links. However, 2019 marked a great decline in this medium. As a result, a vacuum has been created which can best be filled by research-oriented content in 2020. 

Research has throughout remained an unexploited area. Since collecting facts and figure require more time and effort, businesses budge-away from writing such type of content. 

Underdressed, this is the era of information overload. Gone are the days when you could spoon-feed manipulated data to the readers, and they would readily believe you. Today, they have available tools to confirm all the material.

Research pieces will add to your authority. People will begin to trust your word and eventually start backlinking your content everywhere. In little to no time, your content will become darling of social media.   

2. Use medium-tail words

SEO is still by far, one of the best digital marketing investments. The mention of SEO is incomplete without keywords because they are instrumental in earning you a higher spot in the search engine. 

In the past, long-tail keywords were given a lot of preference but algorithms, have now shifted their focus to medium-tail words. Since many long-tail keywords show the same meaning, Google automatically matches the searched query with medium-tail keywords and then show the results. 

The biggest advantage of using medium-tail words is that you are likely to face modest competition compared to short or long-tail words.    

Voice search has gone through all the experimental years, and now it is all set to take the online world by storm. According to well-scrutinized numbers, about 50 percent of the total searches will be made through voice in 2020. These figures leave no room for doubt and suggest explicitly that voice searches are in for a long haul.  

While optimizing your content for the voice search, you need to remember voice searchers have a different approach towards the search engine. Typically, the spoken queries are longer and conversational. So you have to fix your content in such a way that it appears on the screen in response to the asked questions. 

4. Install chatbots  

Regardless of the size of your business, there is no way you can afford to lag in customer service. In the age of automation, people expect every brand to be quick on their feet. At least 50 percent of consumers expect businesses to be open 24/7. And this is where chatbots swing into action. 

In 2019, an overwhelming majority of people used chatbots to resolve their queries. And this trend is not showing any signs of decline. If anything, bots are only getting smarter, and people are more likely to get personalized experience by engaging with them in 2020. 

Of course, most people still prefer to get the answers from humans, but personalization of chatbots will bridge this gap. 

Apart from providing the top-notch customer service experience, bots are extremely handy at lead generation. Be it your social media account or website, and you can install chatbots everywhere and get on top of the lead generation game in 2020. 

5. Incorporate with social influencers

Towards the end of 2019, social media witnessed a boom in the trend of social influencers. And this is a clear indicator that social media influencers will be very relevant in 2020. 

Influencers are loved and lauded by their followers. Whatever they say carries a great worth to their admirers. Therefore, using influencer marketing will help a great deal to establish the credibility of your brand. 

This type of marketing ensures that your message reaches to the relevant audience. For example, if your business revolves around fashion, you can get easily hooked up with an influencer who has the audience related to your niche. It will also save you from spending funds on finding the targeted audience.   

6. Live video

It is expected that the live video industry will be worth nearly 70 billion dollars by 2021. You can get an idea about the popularity of live videos from the fact that they are watched three times longer compared to the pre-recorded videos. 

One reason why this medium is gaining grounds is that people feel engaged in the content. Unlike the pre-recorded videos, the audience can give their input in the live videos and somehow influence the content. 

Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook have already introduced this feature. However, anticipating the public’s growing interest, it is not far-fetched from reality that other social media platforms will also consider launching a similar feature soon. Without an iota of doubt, live video will be amongst the most potent tools of marketers in 2020.

7. Let Google Analytics lead the way

Google Analytics is the pulse of your audience. It can spell out what your customers think of your brand. For example, whether your current content strategy is reaping the desired benefits or you are just draining your budget, you can get the answer to such iffy questions just by glancing at the analytics report. Regular review of these indications will aid you to take informed-decisions.     


The takeaway message is that you will have to polish your marketing strategies in 2020. It does not require you to make drastic changes, but there are certainly a few small measures that you should step up. We have mentioned the top-priority measures; all you have to do is to execute them and extract the best return of investment.

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