89% of people believe teachers have a really hard job. They’re not wrong. Teaching is a difficult, important, and time-consuming career. Here are the best online assessment tools for teachers and others.

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Best Online Assessment Tools for Teachers

Because of the difficulty teachers face, there are many tools out there that attempt to make their jobs a little easier. Read on to find out the 15 best assessment tools for teachers:

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1. Edpuzzle

One of the best interactive learning online assessment tools for teachers is Edpuzzle. If videos are your favorite way of teaching, this is the assessment tool for you.

Edpuzzle lets teachers turn a video into a quiz. If your students learn best through videos, this is the perfect opportunity to have them learn and then put their knowledge to the test.

Main Features of Edpuzzle

The video can be from YouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course, or one of your own. You can add a quiz anywhere in the video. With this assessment tool, you can easily understand what the students are taking in and what they are not getting.

Edpuzzle has a free option for basic accounts. If you want premium features you will have to pay.

2. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is another one of the online assessment tools for teachers that work with video. The major difference between Flipgrid and Edpuzzle is that Flipgrid allows for more discussion.

You can still quiz your students on a video, but they will also be able to respond to topics and reflect on the video. This discussion friendly option even lets students respond to each other by leaving comments. The best thing about this assessment tool is that it is free!

3. Gimkit

For those who enjoy using Kahoot in their classroom, they will enjoy Gimkit. It is similar to Kahoot because it is also a fast-paced game where you answer questions.

The thing Gimkit has that Kahoot doesn’t is that students can earn cash in the game to spend on game upgrades. This will give your students more of an incentive to play and get involved.

If you have a hard time getting students to be interactive during a lesson, even if Kahoot is involved, Gimkit could be the perfect solution for you.

4. Google Classroom Question Tool

Google Classroom is a free option for teachers to use. This is one of the best assessment tools for teachers because it integrates all of Google’s services. This includes Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.

It has never been easier to give out assignments, communicate with students, and stay organized. The addition of the Question Tool makes Google Classroom even more exciting.

Best Tools for Online Assessment

You can easily create questions and share them with your students. As the teacher, you have the option to make questions collaborative or only see the answers for yourself.

This can be a great tool for a quick understanding check, quizzes, or even formative exams.

5. Formative

One of the best online assessment tools for teachers is Formative. This free online assessment tool allows teachers to pick pre-made tests and edit them. You can also create your assessments or upload a document to make an assessment.

You can easily track the data of your students with this tool. Formative is free and can work with Google Classroom.

6. InsertLearning

InsertLearning is one of the technology tools for teachers you will want to try right away. With this tool, you can turn any webpage into a lesson. You can do this by highlighting texts, adding sticky notes, inserting questions or videos, and have a discussion all on the webpage.

You have to pay to get the toolbar on InsertLearning that can turn anything into a lesson, but it is worth it. Test it out yourself with the five free lessons they offer to newcomers.

7. Mentimeter

Grading tools for teachers should be easily accessed. That is one thing Mentimeter does right.

This interactive presentation tool lets teachers poll students, survey students, and check their understanding. All of this data is easily accessed so that you can grade each student accordingly.

The questions you can ask can be image-based, multiple-choice, scales, open-ended, and more. Word clouds can be created from the responses of your students.

Some features of this tool are free, but there is a premium version that offers more.

8. NearPod

NearPod is a great interactive online assessment tools for teachers because you can create lessons that encourage student participation and evaluate their responses.

These lessons can be synced across different devices. This tool has a premium option, but some features are free.

9. Padlet

Padlet is a great online assessment tools for collaboration. You can create a bulletin board where students can share any information. It works with text, links, files, photos, videos, and more.

This tool works on any device so all students can use it. Try it out with Padlet’s free trial.

10. Plickers

This free assessment tool can be used for assessments during lessons. Cards can be created and printed for students to hold up in class as a response. This allows for an on the spot assessment without the hassle of a paper or device.

11. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere can be used during presentations. This polling tool allows you to ask questions, see data in realtime, and make reports. A free account only allows 25 responses per poll.

12. Quizizz

The quizzes on this best online assessment tools are offered through a public library of already made assessments. Once these quizzes are taken, detailed reports are offered to teachers. This engaging tool is free!

13. Quizlet

Quizlet is used by students to study for upcoming quizzes or exams, but teachers can use this tool too. This tool offers Quizlet Live, a collaborative quiz game for students to work together and learn together.

For teachers who believe students do best online assessment tools in teams, Quizlet Live is a great free option.

14. Seesaw

Tools for teachers should be productive for everyone and Seesaw makes that happen. Teachers can use this tool to create activities for students. Parents can even use this tool to review the work their child does.

15. Socrative

Socrative offers a lot of things for teachers. They can create quizzes, ask questions, collect exit tickets, and get feedback. You can also create your own quiz bowl game.

This tool is free for classes with up to 50 students per session.

16. Outgrow

Outgrow tools are easy to use and their customization is great, it offers personalized and interactive content which helps to boost your marketing. Teachers and students can also use this tool for their assessment.

Try Assessment Tools for Teachers Today!

Being a teacher is hard work. Life as a teacher can be easier by using assessment tools for teachers. Try out these tools today to boost productivity and easily understand how your students are learning.

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