State Rep. Rachel Burgin, R-Riverview, this week introduced an anti-abortion bill that aims to further restrict third-trimester abortions and to place new restrictions on women’s health clinics. The bill has already been introduced in the state Senate.

Opponents of the bill are describing the legislation as an “omnibus anti-choice bill.”

Burgin and Miami Republican state Sen. Anitere Flores, the bill’s Senate sponsor, introduced a similar bill last session. However, the Legislature ran out of time before it made it to a final vote.

Takeata King Pang, communications manager for Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast, says the bill includes a slew of restrictions on abortions, including laws that target abortion providers looking to open a clinic. The restrictions would make it nearly impossible for a group like Planned Parenthood to open a new clinic or expand an existing one. It would also impose a waiting time, which can provide legal and medical problems for women seeking an abortion.

Pang says the bill disregards the mental and physical health of a mother. Third-trimester abortion restrictions in the bill provide an exception only if it is “necessary to prevent the death of the pregnant woman or the substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.” However, Flores and Burgin’s bill removes language that provides an exception to “save the life or preserve the health of the pregnant woman.”

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