+ Kenneth Feinberg has acknowledged a bottleneck in the oil spill claims process, effectively suspending his promise to pay all claims within a week while the Gulf Coast Claims Facility deals with the initial backlog. While they wait, thousands of Gulf Coast residents have bills to pay, and many are facing financial hardship.

+ Preliminary studies are showing that in many respects, this spill could be significantly less severe than the Exxon Valdez, according to the New York Times.

+ Burning fossil fuels may pose an even greater threat to sea life than oil spills, argues Alanna Mitchell.

+ Sen. Bill Nelson is trying to cut tax breaks and subsidies for oil and gas companies in pending small business legislation, but the American Petroleum Institute is trying to stop him.

+ A new wave of oil has been spotted near Louisiana.

+ BP’s decision to pump leftover drilling fluid back into the Macondo well may have thrown off pressure readings.

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