About 70 percent of companies in the United States have an open-plan office.

While this plan certainly has its advantages, such as reduced costs, overwhelming evidence shows they’re now more detrimental than beneficial. Physical interaction among employees has reduced by as much as 70 percent, which is ironic because office plan spaces were designed to boost teamwork and increase productivity.

Companies are realizing this and to fix the issues, they are turning to office phone booths. These are temporary installations in the open workspace and can sit one to four people depending on size.

So, how do these booths increase productivity? Keep reading to find out!

1. Increased Privacy Means Increased Productivity

The designers of open-plan offices certainly felt employees would be more compelled to talk to one another and collaborate in these spaces. To be fair, it does seem easier to go and talk to someone when you can see them. Turns out people are sending emails even when the recipient is across the table.

Why is this the case?

Mostly it’s because these plans don’t offer privacy protections. Perhaps the information an employee wants to share with another is confidential or classified, so they can’t talk openly lest other people eavesdrop. Anything that hinders the flow of communication in the workplace can affect overall productivity.

This is where a booth like Talkbox office booths comes in handy. Employees can pop in and have a confidential meeting because these spaces are soundproof. They can also make calls privately. This increased privacy and autonomy boosts productivity.

2. Office Phone Booths for Meditation

In an open office, there’s always some walking from one end to the other, a phone ringing, a copier machine churning out documents…disruptions are endless. With the chaos of these offices, it can be difficult to concentrate on your work.

Enter the office phone booth.

If you’re the kind of person who works best when the mind is calm, you can use these booths to perform tasks that require lots of focus. Better still, you can use them as your meditation and yoga room.

Once you lock up yourself in the booth, it’s just you and your thoughts. It’s so quiet you can hear your heartbeat! This is a perfect environment to de-stress, calm your mind, and unleash your chi energy. When you step out, you’ll be ready to crank out a lot of work.

3. Reduced Amount of Employee Time Off

Open offices are health hazards. If one employee catches an airborne disease, the risk of spreading to others is quite high. An air conditioning system can even hasten the spread of the bug.

And when most of your workers get ill at the same time, they will call in sick and request for time off. This can leave your company shorthanded, so productivity will decrease.

An office phone booth can solve this problem. When an employee knows they have an illness, they can spend most of their day in the booth instead of getting time off. The risk of disease spread is also significantly reduced.

Time to Embrace Office Phone Booths

As a business owner, you might balk at the idea of installing office phone booths because of the cost. But as we have demonstrated, they could be what your business needs to boost employee productivity, which is good for your bottom line.

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