The Occupy Miami protest campground (Pic by Ashley Lopez)

Protesters occupying government center in Miami have weathered yet another weekend plagued by heavy rainfall.

Today marks day 17 of the group’s indefinite occupation. On the first day of the protest, which was launched in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, more than 1,000 protesters came out in support. Since then, the group has weathered multiple weekends with inclement weather.

NBC Miami reports that the group is still downtown and almost 100 people showed up for the group’s music concert this weekend.

Since the beginning of the occupation, the group has received union support and faced practically no resistance to their protest. Individuals have volunteered food, water and portable toilets for the group.

Occupy Miami was formed to protest a variety of issues ranging from unemployment and corporate greed to income inequality. Miami, in particular, has the second highest income inequality in the country — second only to New York City.

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