The name “vampire facial” sound a lot scarier than the reality of the procedure. Simply put, a vampire facial is a way to render problems like skin damage, scars and wrinkles in a positive manner.

Boca Raton medical spa NuWays MD have provided vampire facelifts for hundreds of customers and are here to discuss the benefits of this procedure. They claim you will receive outstanding benefits that you may have never been aware of. Here are three of the top benefits to consider.

Though it does have a memorable, albeit unfortunate name, a vampire facelift is extremely popular with both men and women because of the benefits. This is a nickname that is given to these types of injections which are designed to stimulate the natural healing process that your blood can provide which can reduce creases, scars and wrinkles. Here is how this works.

Despite the name, this is not a surgical procedure similar to a real facelift. It involves the use of platelet rich plasma that is injected into your skin and the PRP can improve your natural ability to heal. There is a small amount of blood that must be extracted so the treatment can occur – this is roughly the same amount that would be taken from your body during a blood test that is completely routine. There is a special machine that will process the blood, spinning it very rapidly, and it will separate plasma from platelets with the liquid portion being the plasma. Finally, the platelets are then reinjected into specific areas that are designed to help improve your skin, taking no more than 30 minutes.

What happens next is your body’s natural ability to heal uses the platelets to regenerate and repair certain areas of your face. It could take up to a few months, but in some cases a few weeks, to see positive results from this type of procedure. Our business, based in Raton Florida, works with this material to deliver results very quickly by reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and scars.

Top three benefits of Vampire Facials

Other benefits that you may receive, other than repairing damaged skin, will be seen as a by-product of this procedure. Here are the top three benefits:

1. The promotion of healthy skin regeneration

Your skin can be repaired, and improved, by using this vampire facelift. PRP is used because it contains growth factors that can specifically help improve your skin condition. The formation of healthy and new cells will be stimulated, helping to reduce fine lines, scars, and to give your face a much more firm appearance. Second, when these injections are done, in areas that are called the “controlled injury”  area, healing will also be noticeable. These two mechanisms will work together to fight signs of aging and also repair skin damage simultaneously. Faster cellular renewal will occur and that is why your skin texture will improve, primarily because of a rapid increase in collagen reduction.

2.  No allergic reactions

The vampire facelift is also beneficial because the PRP that is used originates from your own body, which means you will not have to worry about allergic reactions that can happen contemporaneously with certain medications. Since this is made with your own blood, in a completely sterile setting, you will never have to worry about the process becoming adulterated. Finally, PRP that originates from your blood can also be specifically customized to address your particular skin conditions.

3. Fast recovery

This process is minimally invasive which simply means that there are only the injections and no type of surgery is involved, so you won’t have to worry about long recovery periods, or the risks that are typically associated with using anaesthesia and other medically related injectable materials. You will notice that your skin may become quite pink, and it may also be somewhat sensitive. These side effects are certainly minimal, and will resolve themselves rapidly. You simply need to protect your skin by keeping it covered when indirect sunlight so that you can promote the fastest possible recovery and obtain the best results.

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