Numbers USA — an organization that agitates “For Lower Immigration Levels” — wrote this week that the “Vote Winners” in Florida’s recent GOP presidential primary “Are Latino Dignity & Self-Deportation.”

According to Roy Beck, founder, and CEO of Numbers USA, the election “offered a stark choice on the illegal immigration issue” and “Florida Latino Republicans … broke nearly 2-1 for the candidate with the firmest opposition to amnesty and the strongest support for enforcement.”

Beck writes that “Florida Republicans went strongly for [Mitt] Romney (46% to 32%), but the Latinos among them went for the anti-amnesty, pro-self-deportation candidate by an even greater margin.”

Romney has said he supports a “self-deportation” strategy, another name for “attrition through enforcement,” an immigration model that, as Beck writes, means “handling the illegal alien population with something between mass legalization and mass deportation. Simply put, you take away the things that drew illegal aliens here and let most of them self-deport. Most especially, you take away the jobs magnet.”

The Immigration Policy Center points out that ”there is little evidence that ‘attrition through enforcement is causing unauthorized immigrants to leave. In fact, a July 2011 study from the RAND Corporation found that, despite improved economic conditions in Mexico and worsened conditions in the United States, fewer Mexican immigrants returned to Mexico in 2008 and 2009 than in the two years before the recession.”

Numbers USA is one of the top groups buying TV ads to influence the GOP 2012 presidential contest, according to a Wesleyan Media Project report issued this week. Numbers USA has spent over $55,000 on 275 broadcast television and national cable spots from January 2011 through January 2012.

In an ad that ran during the South Carolina GOP primary, Numbers USA stated that “not one candidate is talking about why the government is ready to bring in another 1 million legal immigrants this year to take American jobs. Legal doesn’t make it right”:

Romney said last week in Miami during a Hispanic Leadership Network event that if elected president he would protect and expand legal immigration that conforms to the needs of the business community.

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