People have debated for years over whether it’s better to smoke from traditional joints, water pipes, or glass bongs.  There is actual research that supports both traditional joints and bongs as to what’s healthier for you or less unhealthy for that matter.  So let’s break down what some of the professionals and non-professionals have to say about it.

The general consensus is when using a bong it acts as sort of a filter.  If you’ve ever used a bong you know the smell of the residue that is left behind.  So think of it like that going into your system instead of being filtered out. The water in the bong is the filter.  Also, when you smoke from a bong the weed gets densified.  What this means is you get a heavier hit than you would from a regular joint and therefore higher or high more quickly.

There is some data taken by scientists that states you get higher from a joint, however, most regular pot smokers would disagree or say they are about the same.  Some in the marijuana community will tell you that smoking from a bong is wasteful since there is a huge amount of smoke built up in the piece and often times it can find it’s way out during transition etc.  Although there are ways to combat this such as holding a lighter over the opening or another object depending on the size of your bong.  Here size does matter one way or the other.

What are the Different Types of Bongs?

Bongs or water pipes come in all different shapes and sizes.  From very small to absolutely huge. Some of them are so big you have to stand up to get a rip.  One of the fun parts aside from smoking out of them are the many different shapes, sizes, and designs.  If you go to a store or shop online for a great bong and don’t quite find what you’re looking for, you can even have one custom made to your liking.

You can choose from many cool designs such as the Twisted Dragon, the Land of Ooo Mini Bong, the 8 Inch Inline Barrel Perc Recycler, or the Straight Tube Bong if you don’t want to get too fancy.  

You might also like the Kraken Bong or the Heavy Duty Beaker Bong for you hard partiers.  There is also the Dual-Use Monsoon Water Pipe, the 10 Inch Skinny Neck Sprinkler Puck Bong, or the 16 Inch Double 6-Arm Tree Perc Bong.  These are just a few of your choices when you are ready to rip into some major bong hits.

But, rest assured whatever your needs you’ll definitely be able to find a bong that will set you straight, or better yet F… you up.  Just enjoy the buzz responsibly and be safe out there my friends.

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