Most people use their extra rooms to store junk, but there are so many better spare room ideas out there.

If you need some creative inspiration for unique spare room ideas, then these suggestions will inspire you to throw out that old Christmas tree and freshen up your space.

1. Nightcap at the Bar

A bar can make for a cozy, intimate space for you and your guests. Grab some comfy chairs, a bar cart or wine rack, and a few refreshing beverages.

2. Work From Home

Are you wondering what to do with a spare room? You can set up a simple home office with a desk and chair to help with your work-life balance.

3. Stitching up Spare Room Ideas

Forget the kitchen bench when you need to cast a needle and thread. Set up a table in the spare room for your sewing machine when you want to make any alterations.

4. Next Chapter

Do you have loads of books but nowhere to put them? Put up some bookcases and a comfy chair when you want to curl up for some light reading.

5. Break a Sweat

If you don’t like working out in front of people, then set up a home gym. Add some dumbbells, a yoga mat, and anything else that will help you break a sweat.

6. Play Time

A playroom can be a great way to keep all the kid’s toys and activities in one place. You might even notice a reduction in Lego related injuries around the house.

7. Freshen Up

A dressing room can be useful to store all of your beauty essentials. Grab a dressing table and a mirror to help you look your best.

8. Quick Change

Transforming a spare room into a walk-in wardrobe is an ideal solution when you’ve run out of closet space. It also doubles as a great change room.

9. Movie Time

One of the most unique spare room ideas is a home cinema. All you need is a blank wall for the projector, some beans bags, and plenty of popcorn.

10. Scrub Up

A practical solution for a spare room is a laundry. Not only is it functional, but it could increase your house value if you decide to sell through a company like Progressive Property.

11. Fresh Kicks

Boots and shoes can take up precious space in a small wardrobe. Why not step out in style from a spare room dedicated to your footwear?

12. Studio Sessions

Jam with your friends or compose your next track. Either way, a music studio can give you a dedicated place to focus on your craft.

13. Pet Paradise

Pet rooms are great when you need to hide your dog or cat from guests. Throw in some toys, and you’re unlikely to hear a peep from them.

Need More Inspiration?

There are plenty of different ways to repurpose a spare room. If you’re looking to redecorate your home, then follow our blog for even grander ideas on how you can spruce up your place.

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