Embattled Senate District 12 candidate Jim Norman‘s attorney made oral arguments Tuesday morning in front of the First District Court of Appeal in an effort to save his client’s candidacy.

Norman, a Republican, has appealed a lower court’s ruling tossing him off the ballot for the District 12 seat for failing to disclose a $500,000 gift from a Tampa businessman, which Norman’s wife later used to buy an Arkansas home.

Tallahassee attorney Barry Richard, who is well known for representing former President George W. Bush during the controversial 2000 election court proceedings, represented Norman in front of the appeals court.

Richard made several arguments in an appeal filed last week on Norman’s behalf.

“We are very pleased with how the argument went,” Richard tells The Florida Independent.

Meanwhile, unless Norman’s appeal is successful, anyone voting for him is casting a vote for replacement candidate Rob Wallace, a former state representative, and Tampa business owner.

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