Last week, Jeff Greene threatened the St. Petersburg Times with a libel lawsuit after it ran along, a prominent article about a real estate deal in California in which his counterpart is now facing federal fraud charges.

Greene called the story “completely untrue” and said the paper had until Tuesday to print a front-page retraction. The paper stood by its coverage and invited him to write a letter to the editor. Tuesday has come, and still no retraction.

So will Jeff Greene make good on his threat? A spokesman says the Greene campaign “will issue a statement on that when we move forward.”

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Right-wing campaign to battle Sharia cites Tampa judge’s ruling

In an effort to support state Sen. Alan Hays' and Rep. Larry Metz's Application of Foreign Law bill, conservative commentators have recently been claiming that a Florida judge has subjected one of the parties involved in a civil law suit against the Islamic Education Center of Tampa to Sharia, Islamic law. But legal experts say the judge's ruling is hardly uncommon, and that laws of all faiths and nationalities are regularly discussed in American courts.