Since winning the Florida Republican gubernatorial primary on Aug. 24, Rick Scott has released two ads, both connecting his Democratic opponent, Florida CFO Alex Sink, to President Obama. The second one was released this morning, and calls President Obama “the most liberal President ever.” Here’s the dialogue of the ad:

ANNOUNCER: President Obama tricked us…saying he’s in the mainstream…before becoming our most liberal president ever…
And Alex Sink helped him do it…
SINK: Barack Obama has the right message and the right solutions for turning our economy around right here in Florida.
ANNC: The right solutions? Sink backed the government health care takeover cutting $500 billion from Medicare…She backed the failed stimulus bill which created debt not jobs.
SINK: Barack Obama has the right message and the right solutions.
ANNC: Wrong solutions Alex

And here’s the ad itself:

Barack Obama won Florida in 2008, but a small majority of voters — 52-46 percent — now disapprove of his performance, according to Sink, for her part, has been distancing herself from the president. She did not appear with him on stage at a Democratic rally in Miami on Aug. 18. After Scott released his first ad, Sink responded with another ad saying, “Unfortunately, Rick Scott seems to think that running for governor is all about President Obama. That’s a big difference between us.”

Luke Johnson reports on Florida for The American Independent.

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