As the legislature prepares for a special session with the aim of debating a constitutional ban on offshore oil drilling, a new poll shows that Floridians oppose drilling within 10 miles of Florida’s coast, and that 71 percent want a chance to vote on a ban (though the wording of that question does not mention a constitutional referendum).

The poll of 1,143 registered voters had a margin of error of 2.8 percent and was commissioned by Progress Florida, Sea Turtle Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, Florida Wildlife Federation, Hands Across the Sand and Audubon of Florida:

Do you support oil drilling within 10 miles of Florida’s coast? Yes 28% No 50% Unsure 21%

Do you believe Floridians should be allowed to vote on whether or not to ban oil drilling within 10 miles of the state’s coast? Yes 71% No 17% Unsure 10%

Now, how would you react if your state legislator voted to place a constitutional amendment on the November ballot for voters to decide whether or not to ban oil drilling within 10 miles of Florida’s coast? More likely 36% Less likely 30% Unsure 33%

How do you describe your political views? Conservative 40% Moderate 40% Liberal 19%

Mark Ferrulo of Progress Florida (which is also circulating a petition calling on Florida House Speaker to place the ban on the November ballot) says the poll was conducted after Gov. Charlie Crist called the session and shows Floridians’ growing opposition to offshore drilling.

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