A prescription drug bill touted by lawmakers to crack down on so-called β€œpill mills” dispensing prescription pain medication has been challenged in federal court, according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit says the new legislation infringes on the right of the uninsured to get more than a three-day supply of pain medication, and free speech by limiting advertising by clinics, according to the AP report.

Tough new laws on pain clinics are set to take effect Oct. 1 which establish guidelines for dispersing powerful prescription pills such as Oxycontin and Xanax.

Legislators took on the issue during the last legislative session in response to a record number of overdose deaths associated with prescription pain pills last year.

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Add Sen. George LeMieux to the pile of politicians trying to delay EPA water quality nutrient standards. LeMieux was one of 21 congressmen to sign an Aug. 2 letter to the EPA that called on the agency to delay its water quality rules until a peer review of the science and an independent economic analysis is conducted. Several weeks later, the EPA responded, arguing that no further review is needed and that the standards will go ahead as planned. Yesterday, the Republican senator took it a step further, introducing an amendment to a spending bill that would have blocked the EPA from spending any money to implement a stricter set of rules.