Whether binge-watching The Chef Show on Netflix or checking out the menu of the trendy new restaurant in town, you’re probably looking for exciting new food to try.

There’s no shortage of new dishes, and experimenting with new foods is a fun way to expand your palate. International cuisine and bold flavors all add to some of the most exciting new dishes to explore.

If you love food and flavor but don’t know what dishes to try next, then keep reading. You’ll learn all about five must-try foods guaranteed to make your taste buds sing.

Best New Food to Try

Sometimes new dishes are as simple as expanding on tried and true recipes. Take for example Mexican food and traditional foods such as tacos. A little creativity and you’ve got a completely elevated, cool food.

Mexican Food

You might not think that tacos are a new food to try, but wait until you try pork belly tacos or pineapple burritos. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for seafood and don’t know where to start.

Try fish tacos with baja sauce for a completely revamped take on a traditional Mexican dish. Your taste buds will thank you.

Koren Food

For a food overhaul, consider spicing things up a bit with Korean food. The combination of meat, rice, are paired with seasonings such as ginger and gochujang. Don’t be afraid to throw a runny egg into the mix for a new food guaranteed to please your palate.

If the taste isn’t reason enough to try Korean food, remember that these dishes and more all promote healthy gut bacteria, making them an added bonus.

Truffle Butter

Truffle butter can be used to amplify any variety of dishes. This earth blend of truffles and butter is a refrigerator must-have.

When roasting a chicken or turkey, add some truffle butter under the skin for intensified flavor.

For steak lovers, add truffle butter to the finished product for a rich and creamy finishing touch.

Truffle butter can be added to eggs, grilled cheese, potatoes, pasta, and just about anywhere else you can think of.


You may have read about this dish or seen it on a cooking show but have shied away from cooking it due to the long list of ingredients.

However, for a taste explosion, you absolutely need to try making Paella. This Spanish style dish combines meat, seafood, seasonings, rice, and a host of other delectable pairings.

It’s definitely worth the time invested to make it.


If pancakes and eggs are your morning go-to, then get ready to amp up your breakfast routine with Shakshuka. This North African and Levantine masterpiece combines garlic, poached eggs with a pepper tomato cause.

If you enjoy breakfast meats, don’t be afraid to add a little ground meat for extra protein.

Expand Your Palate

You may have a selection of tried and true food favorites, but it’s always a great idea to expand your palate and try new foods. Whether using truffle butter for a taste explosion or branching out and trying international cuisine, don’t hesitate to try new and exciting dishes.

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