Also referred to as mini-homes or mini-mansions, tiny houses are a recent residential trend and are becoming increasingly popular. As a rule, the residential property of new construction homes Jacksonville FL is below forty sq. ft. but often much smaller. It’s not just the usable space that is modest in size, but rather a simple and practical solution to the interior design. In particular, a lot of small homes are portable, which makes them appropriate for a versatile and site-independent way of life.

New Construction Homes: Advantages

New Construction Homes

The most important difference from trivial real estate is the relatively low cost of mini-homes. The price they represent is usually significantly less than the other types of housing. Consequently, mini-homes present clients with a small amount of money all the chances of buying a property, despite rising prices. Utility costs, such as electricity, are also greatly reduced because of a limited space in which to live.

The Basic Filling of a Tiny House

To name a teeny-tiny a decent housing option, you need to consider:

  • a minimum of 1 bedroom;
  • mini kitchen or kitchen studio;
  • bathroom.

All the rest of the space is taken up by the rest of the area, that is very minimalist. It can be simple furniture and decor. Small houses may be assembled or designed specifically for the customer. Nevertheless, tiny homes can contain 2 stories and additional customizations to recycle natural energy and save even more.

The Appeal of Tiny Houses to Buyers

The small dwellings seem to convey the whole meaning of a simple way of life. This philosophy is a far cry from the materialistic world. Although demand also depends on rising real estate prices in general. Small houses are a good solution for active people who are not used to sitting still. Such properties are easy to sell or move anywhere along with their usual housing if desired. Mini homes will also be attractive to people who are often delayed on business trips and work most of the time. Best of all, such homes can easily be taken with you on trips.

Bundle Home And Auto

Possible Drawbacks of Mini Homes

For medium to large families, a minimalist home can create some inconvenience. Absence of available space limits movement to a minimum and does not give a sense of freedom. Tiny houses in this case are a poor investment for comfortable housing, compared to standard houses or apartments. Note that selling a property and buying a micro home should not be for everyone either.

Home Decoration Advice

When moving toward minimalism, there are the following solutions that are important not to neglect:

Kitchen and Lounge

Choose functional furniture that comes in handy more than once to make efficient use of space. Built-in shelves and even a secret pantry will give you room to store food and other things. Pick up a sleeper sofa in the lounge that can function as a convenient bed.

Sleeping Room

A low profile flatbed bed works well for this particular area. Mount some built-in storage wall bookcases, and stack garments in big plastic garbage cans.

A Bathroom

Top cupboards or a glass medicine cabinet equals a perfect option for storing all of your accessories. Utilize your wall space to the max by setting up racks.

Before Putting an Offer in for a Home


You can decorate your little house the exact same as a traditional home, except you may have to be a bit more choosy. A large glass mirror is a great option for the sitting room to make the space appear larger and let in extra daylight. Maintain light or neutral hues to make things look and feel effortless, bright and ethereal.

So, if you are looking for lean and simple, a miniature residence can be a great solution. Jacksonville FL Tiny New Buildings are space-saving, energy saving, and easy to transport just about wherever you want to go. So now that you’ve read about the advantages, perks, and potential downsides, you’ll make up your mind about whether a tiny house and a similar lifestyle is a good decision for you.

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