Another ad from Crossroads GPS, a conservative group affiliated with Karl Rove, has hit the Florida airwaves โ€” this one directed at Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.ย The ad is part of a $20 million campaign launched by Crossroads, which includes attack ads in several states. The group spent $15 million on attack ads during the 2010 election cycle.

As previously reported by The Florida Independent, an independent expenditure PAC called Priorities USA Action fired back at Crossroads with its own set of ads, which aimย to โ€œinform voters about the source of the Rove ad and the truth about the Republican plan, a Rick Scott-style budget that would slash health care for seniors and cut education for the middle class while giving tax breaks to big oil and the wealthy.โ€

According to The Miami Herald, the new ad begins to run on Florida television stations today and will air for two weeks.

The clip shows footage of Nelson advocating a โ€œpay-as-you-goโ€ policy, as a narrator accuses the senator of โ€œvoting for skyrocketing debtโ€ and โ€œreckless spending.โ€

Watch the ad in full:

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