For a long time in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was a common and popular practice to build your own gun. Here’s how to build a gun.

As more concerns and regulations develop over gun use and gun ownership, crafting your own gun at home has made a resurgence.

How to Build a Gun?

There are many steps you will need to understand when it comes to building your own gun, but with the right steps, it is legal.

Interested to know more? Read on below to know how to build a gun

The process of building a gun may be a simpler process than you might think. A lot of this comes down to the availability of power tools and the streamlined nature of the manufacturing process.

The Experience Disclaimer

Before you begin any sort of purchasing or modification work, there is a general understanding you need to note.

If you are not well versed in guns and biggest crime, how they work, and how to handle them in a safe manner, this project may not be for you.

There is a lot of potential danger in assembling a firearm of any sort. A wrong move on your part could turn disastrous or even fatal. 

This does not have to stop you from owning a firearm. There is no shame in buying a firearm from a registered firearm dealer and participating in a professional firearm safety course

The 80 Percent Rule

When it comes to getting around regulated firearms, there is a core rule: the 80 percent receiver.

A receiver is the part of the firearm that connects all the major elements, like stock and barrel. This is the common denominator of firearms and as such, it is the part that has regulation.

An 80 percent receiver is an incomplete receiver. The part has only enough completion to pass under regulation rules. This lets you build on from it without needing paperwork to buy it in the first place.

With this piece, you have the only key item that has any legal connections to firearm regulations. 

Kits and Tools

As you get your 80 percent receiver, you need to keep in mind what kind of firearm you wish to build.

The AR-15 was one of the first of the firearms built around an 80 percent receiver design. If you’re curious about building an AR 15 Lower, this useful guide can help you out.

It ends up being the most simple of firearms to build. With only the well for the fire-control group and rear takedown pin that needs removing, it is on its way to being a completed firearm. 

The Glock 17 and AK-47 are also common firearms, though far from the only options.

To complete this project, you need all the proper tools. Gunsmith tools can come in a variety of ranges and pieces, depending on what you need to add to your workbench. 

Make sure you do proper research on each individual project. Every rifle will have a variety of different details and forgetting even one detail can get messy fast.

Safety and Understanding First

The point of understanding the methods on how to build your own gun comes from a desire to protect your Second Amendment rights. 

When it comes to understanding what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to keep yourself well educated on current information.

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