The word Kratom has been making rounds due to a sudden increase in interest in its potential health benefits and properties. The product has been used in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. It is the historical usage of the product and the properties associated with it that has to lead many researchers and experts to explore it in detail.

Apart from the ongoing research, an increasing number of people across the globe are using it for reaping the benefits of its properties and are encouraging others to join in. However, for those who have never heard of Kratom before, worry not; this post will help you understand what Kratom is. Then, when you are satisfied with the information you have, you can simply type Kratom near me and experiment with the product yourself.

What is Kratom? How does it work?

What is Kratom and how does it work

Kratom is a potent extract that is sourced from the leaves of the tropical evergreen Kratom tree. Traditionally cultivated and grown in fertile regions of Southeast Asia, the tree’s leaves contain potent compounds in its veins. The leaves of the tree are cut, exposed to the sun, dried, and then crushed into a fine powder to come up with the final product.

However, the natives would often chew the raw leaves during earlier days or brew them like tea. It is essential to highlight that the veins of the leaves, when exposed to the sun or otherwise, have a tendency to change color, and the same reflects in the color of the powder. The Kratom powder is available in a white, green, and red color, and each has its unique properties.

The active ingredients in Kratom give the compound its potential benefits. The active ingredients in Kratom include mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in moderate to high levels.

After entering the body, these ingredients interact with the various receptors located throughout the body and offer multiple effects. The significant receptors that the Kratom interacts with include the satiety, delta, and mu-opioid receptors. Kratom selectively activates and deactivates them and allows users to experience its properties.

Ten reasons for you to try Kratom

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Now that we know how kratom works, it is essential to understand how it affects us:

  1. Better pain management: Pain management is the most prominent cause why Kratom has been used in recent days. The way Kratom interacts with the different receptors located throughout the body decreases the body’s sensitivity towards pain. Even though this property of Kratom is being studied to be conclusively verified, evidence suggests that the way Hydroxymitragynine binds with the delta and mu-opioid receptors increases the body’s pain tolerance by a natural release of endorphins in the body. As a result, users have been using Kratom to deal with various pains associated with migraines, period cramps, arthritis, etc.
  2. Dealing with diabetes: Kratomโ€™s effect on diabetes and its types are underway, and the merging pieces of evidence are very promising. Regular users of kratom with diabetes have suggested that kratom is an excellent alternative to conventional medications. It helps people suffering from diabetes deal with chronic pain and acts as an excellent appetite suppressant, which is vital to managing blood sugar levels. Additionally, its metabolism-boosting and energizing properties also help in dealing with diabetes. Furthermore, kratom has the potential to restore insulin function that is very crucial in type 2 diabetes.
  3. Dealing with period pain: Kratom has gained popularity amongst females for helping manage pain associated with menstrual cramps. The opioid system in the human body that regulates pain, stress, mood, etc., plays a vital role in pain associated with periods and cramps. Now, kratom has the potential to bind with the delta and mu-opioid receptors that helps the body deal with pain. In addition, since kratom can help deal with bloating, inflammation, etc., it can help women as it is a herbal remedy that does not create any dependency issues.
  4. Managing anxiety: Kratom has potential properties that can help users manage stress and anxiety. Research is underway that suggests that Kratom has the potential to help manage extreme mood swings and have better control over emotions. Additionally, since Kratom plays a crucial role in relating happy hormones, it provides the user with a positive feeling and helps manage stress.
  5. Helping in dealing with insomnia: Since Kratom helps a person relax and offers a relaxing feeling, it has the potential to improve a person’s sleeping quality and fight insomnia. Since humans need at least 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep for their mental and physical well-being, Kratom can help achieve it. In addition, moderate and high concentrations of 9-hydroxy corynanthidine in Kratom can offer a sedation-like effect.
  6. Safe profile: Kratom is a natural ingredient with a comparatively safer medical profile, and it does not come with issues associated with abuse and dependency. This makes kratom effective in dealing with various health conditions yet safer than the chemical-based products in its segment.

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  1. Better cognitive performance: Kratom is known to have the potential to improve the brain’s cognitive performance and has been used for the past 100 years in Southeast Asia by the natives. Even though Kratom offers a sedative-like effect when consumed in a more significant dose, a more moderate dose of Kratom is associated with enhanced cognitive performance, better memory, and enhanced body and mind functioning.
  2. Mood control: Kratom helps elevate mood, release happy hormones and get a better grip on emotions. Therefore studies are underway to study its impact on its ability to control and manage extreme mood swings. This plays a crucial role in managing stress and anxiety as well.
  3. Long-lasting impact: Kratom is associated with offering effects that last for around 7-8 hours as various studies and observations. This is very high as compared to many other chemical-based compounds in its segment.
  4. Helps addiction recovery: As has been already mentioned, Kratom does not have dependency issues. However, it is essential to add that it can play a vital role in helping people fight addiction. The way it acts on the opiate receptors of the body, Kratom can help people dealing with addiction recovery by providing relief from cravings, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea.

A final word

The potential benefits of Kratom are many, but that does not mean that it should be abused or subjected to unregulated or unwarranted use. Therefore do not forget to consult an expert before consuming Kratom. Furthermore, since FDA does not regulate the dose, it varies from person to person and is based on every person’s underlying health condition, metabolism, constitution, diet, and tolerance.

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