Are you thinking of outsourcing your accounting services? Or maybe you’ve already been outsourcing. But you’re looking for a new accounting solution.

A modern business should automate and streamline its financial operations. Outsourcing your accounting department is an excellent way for companies of any size to get started with automation.

When choosing a cloud-based solution, you might be torn between Netsuite vs Sage.

Let’s talk about the differences between them!Β Keep reading to get the inside scoop on each and help you decide which one is right for you.

What Is Netsuite?

What Is the Cloud

NetSuite is a cloud-based, complete business management suite that provides a wide range of tools and functions. It is an ERP software developed by Oracle for large corporations. With NetSuite, companies can manage their financial operations, customer relations, and order fulfillment.

What Is Sage?

Sage, formerly known as Sage Accounts, is one of the leading accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides multiple features including, but not limited to, invoices and bank reconciliation. Also budgeting and forecasting, payroll, financial reporting, and customer and supplier management.

The Pros and Cons

On the pro side, NetSuite offers a suite of business applications that can integrate with other software products. Sage is simple to use and offers a full line of accounting tools. It also makes it easy to process payments and track orders, shipping, and invoicing.

On the con side, NetSuite can be more expensive to put in place, and it doesn’t offer the same level of customization that Sage does. Sage offers additional features such as account management, customer relationship management, and more. But it lacks the customization capabilities of NetSuite.

The Difference in Pricing Options

Accounting software

Netsuite offers both monthly and annual payment plans for subscription packages. With free trials and discounts for early birds. Sage has tailored packages with set prices.

This can be customized based on how many users/subscribers are signing up. Both platforms allow a variety of add-on applications and capabilities. So, you can incorporate them into their package plans

The Difference in User Experience

Netsuite offers an intuitive user interface. Making it suitable for businesses that need an understanding of accounting concepts. But doesn’t necessarily have an in-depth knowledge of accounting itself.

It is also particularly suited to businesses that need a solution to serve many locations. Sage, on the other hand, is more complex, and better suited to medium-sized companies. With a more advanced understanding of accounting.

Support and Customer Services of Netsuite vs Sage

Netsuite and Sage both offer comprehensive support and customer service to their users. Both companies also provide online communities in which experienced users can provide help and advice to newcomers.

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When it comes to specific areas, Netsuite offers more comprehensive support for data migration. Plus system integration, and customization, while Sage specializes in accounting and financial management.

For more detailed information on these two, check out this NetSuite vs Infor comparison. Here, you can learn more about the distinctive features and benefits that each of these solutions offers.

The Battle of the Cloud Between Netsuite vs Sage

The choice between Netsuite vs Sage depends on the business’s specific needs. Netsuite has a wide feature set that offers and is easily customizable. While Sage is a simpler, more cost-effective solution.

To find the right solution, researchΒ the Netsuite guide, and Sage tips for comparing. Try taking demos and talking to experts to see which option best meets your business goals.

Do you want to learn more about business software for your company? Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more information.

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