After a year of significantly reduced travel due to the pandemic, 60% of Americans say they will travel more in 2022. So we provide some travel tips.

It’s no shock that travel looks different than it did 2 years ago. With extra sanitization, masks, vaccines, and closed borders, we’re all trying to navigate the new normal.

If you are someone who is planning to travel in 2022, keep reading for travel tips you should follow!

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

You can stay safe and help others stay safe by limiting what you touch. Avoid touching objects that are not necessary. If you have to, just be sure to sanitize the objects or your hands before and after.

Bring hand wipes and hand sanitizer in your carry-on bag to have with you while you travel.

Book Flights Ahead of Time

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With travel increasing, the demand for flights is also increasing. 2020 came with extraordinary flight deals, but we may be nearing the end of those as travel increases throughout 2022.

Airlines are well aware that many people have an itch to travel now that they feel safer with the vaccine and lower cases. Because of this, they know people will pay higher prices.

To avoid the highest prices, book your flights in advance. Many airlines still have free changes and cancellations, so if the worst comes to worst, you can change the flight for free.

Get Vaccinated

The COVID-19 vaccine may become vital for travel. Many countries are already opening up, but only to tourists that have proof of vaccination.

There is nothing set in stone, but many travel experts are predicting that there will need to be proof of vaccination to either enter a country or bypass quarantine guidelines.

Stay Local with Tourism

After 2020, many small businesses were forced to shut down. Tourism and the travel industry in many countries suffered.

2022 will have to make up for that. If you travel, follow these travel tips and focus on supporting small and local businesses. Hiring a local guide and using local accommodation is a great way to show support.

Instead of eating at a chain restaurant, find a small local shop to pick up some food. Instead of using a large tourism board, find local tourism sights to support that will show you around. If you’re looking for a place to stay, look at local hostels or boutique hotels instead of larger companies.

Don’t Want to Follow These Travel Tips? Travel Virtually Instead

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There is definitely still a fear of traveling during a pandemic even with these travel tips. There’s nothing wrong with that!

If you’re at all worried, there are ways to travel virtually and still see amazing sights to take you away from your everyday life. Going on a virtual travel experience is the newest way to explore safely! You’re able to see travel highlights, museums, parks, and so much more.

Have Fun Traveling in 2022

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With the world opening up, there are going to be a lot more travel opportunities! Follow these travel tips on how to travel safely for your 2022 adventures.

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