Learning how to spearfish is not an easy task- especially for beginners. Depending on your geographic region, spearfishing tactics vary in terms of types of harpoons and spears.

This is just one of the many interesting aspects spearfishing offers its enthusiasts.

But how much is there to know about the sport? This guide covers all your first-time questions such as ‘should I go spearfishing?’ or ‘where should I spearfish?’.

Spearfishing 101

Spearfishing is a sport that takes time and effort to achieve ideal results. Below is a breakdown of some key things to know when learning what to do before spearfishing.


Regardless of how many times you have gone spearfishing, you should always follow a few simple safety precautions to help keep you safe. First, you should stick with a buddy throughout your entire expedition.

Also, if you happen to be following a guide, you should always follow their recommendations before making any other decisions. These safety guidelines are put in place to ensure that you enjoy your adventure and make a safe trip home.


Before going out to explore, you should ask your local spearfishing store for advice on where to fish. It is recommended that beginners should not dive in areas deeper than 20m.

More experienced divers may feel comfortable scouting out places with rough terrain or stronger currents. In any instance, you should always know where you want to dive before beginning your expedition.


For spearfishing beginners, the amount of required equipment is minimal. It is important that you invest in high-quality equipment that can stand up against the water’s conditions.

Some essential spearfishing equipment includes fins, mask, snorkel, float line, wetsuit, weight belt, and spearfishing knife. Depending on your personal preference you may also want to invest in gloves to keep your hands warm.

The spearfishing equipment listed above and much more can be found at trustworthy retailers such as www.Neptonics.com.


Developing your skills can be achieved faster with the help of a mentor. This could be a trusted friend or experienced diver that will tag along with you and provide you with advice.

Also, beginners are recommended to use a pole spear as they are inexpensive and easy to use for those just starting out. While fishing you should also aim the spear at a small part of the fish.

Shooting for larger fish can likely result in an error or a complete miss altogether. Finally, you should always work on improving your breath-hold. Experienced divers typically hold their breath for up to three minutes while diving.

Extra Tips

The following list provides general tips to help you out when spearfishing. These tips include:

  • Never stick your hand/spear in dark places
  • Never point your spear towards others
  • Avoid high traffic areas

Diving Deep Into the World of Spearfishing

Without a doubt, spearfishing is something everyone should try once in their life. With the right attitude and the help of these spearfishing tips, you can be well on your way to mastering this unique sport.

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