In the King James Version of the Bible, angels are mentioned 285 times. God speaks of angels that walk the earth, roam the heavens, and watch over us in our daily lives.

As believers in Christ, it’s our duty to accept the word of God as truth, and that means accepting the reality of guardian angels! However, there’s more to your guardian angel than you might realize.

Here, we’re going to reveal 4 amazing facts about guardian angels that go beyond common knowledge. If you’re interested in learning more about these divine beings, keep on reading!

1. Everyone Has One

Contrary to popular belief, guardian angels aren’t just reserved for Christians. In fact, people from all kinds of faiths have a special being watching over them, including atheists!

Guardian angels are non-denominational and will take care of humans from all religious backgrounds. The most important thing that concerns them is that their human lives by the Golden Rule and aren’t harming others.

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2. You Can Ask Them for Help

Although you don’t have to reach out in order for your guardian angel to protect you during your earthly journey, asking them for help gives them more freedom to influence your life.

You can interact with your guardian angel by addressing them during prayer or in your thoughts. By doing so, your angel will be more inclined to give you the messages you’re looking for during your time of need.

3. Your Angel Chose You

Guardian angels aren’t just randomly assigned to people before they’re born; an angel’s person is hand-picked with precision. This is why their devotion to you is so strong and, in some cases, overwhelming!

Because your guardian angel is yours and yours only, their sense of love, duty, and honor towards you is unmatched. They saw something in your soul and wanted to keep it safe forever!

4. They Know Everything About You

Ever get the feeling that you’re not alone? Your guardian angel is always watching over you, and because of this, they know everything about you and your special soul!

Like God, angels are able to know even the smallest details about a person, like the number of hairs on their head or their deepest regrets in life. Your guardian angel has been by your side since before you were born, so it’s no wonder that they know your soul more than anybody else!

Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is here to protect, provide, and help you through your worldly journey as a human. To open yourself up to your unique angel’s abilities, say a guardian angel prayer and ask them for help! Now that you know these 4 incredible facts about guardian angels, you’ll be able to better understand this divine ally.

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