Do you want to add volume or beautiful highlights to your hair without investing so much money? Don’t worry! We have got a perfect solution for you that will restyle your hair from head to tip.

With clip-in hair extensions, you can achieve your desired hair look without damaging your natural locks.

Women are falling out for Remy Human Hair Extensions as they are considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles remain properly aligned in the natural direction as it grew. Remy human hair extensions are natural in appearance and stay super soft, shiny, silky, and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

How to Work With Clip-in Hair Extension?

The clip-in hair extensions weft are installed swiftly, easily, and harmlessly in just a few minutes.

  • Wefts come with easy to use clips.
  • Give your hair an instant volume.
  • Adds length and volume in a snap, without any hassle, or breaking the bank.

Remy human hair extensions are the most excellent quality hair that provides excellent results to customers all across the world.

Note: The best quality clip-in hair extensions perfectly blend with your natural hair if you choose the right hair color option. Unlike permanent hair extensions, clip-in wefts are easy to remove and install. For example, if you are dancing, swimming, or doing any outdoor activities you can choose not to wear them. Not only will this support the proper hygiene but, make your hair extension last longer.

Hair Extensions May Be Every Girl’s Best Friends But, There Are Some Things You Need To Know About Clip-In Hair Extensions:

1. Tips for keeping your clip-in hair extensions lasting longer?

More you care, longer your Clip-in Hair Extensions lives:

ü  The type of products(shampoo, conditioners) you use

ü  How often you wash them

ü  How well you keep them

Note: Washing plays an important role, if you wash and wear them properly, then they will anyway last from 3-6 months up to a year or even longer.

2. Are Clip-in Extensions the safest?

The methods of permanent hair extensions, including sew-in, tape-in, cold and hot fusion, can stay on your hair for a long time, which means you no need to install and remove them every day.  But more time they stay on your hair, more strain your lock need to subject, because of  every day the amount of shedding hairs are between 50 to 100, over time the amount of your hair for attaching hair extensions will reduce. Unlike permanent methods, clip in hair extensions is a temporary method to lengthen or volumize your hair, which means they are safe and easy to use.

Note: Sleeping with hair extensions is never a good idea or wearing them for a long time will put a lot of stress on your natural hair and make them prone to shedding. Try not to sleep overuse them.

3. How to Style Clip-In Extensions?

The hair extensions can be styled in different ways and can create any look that you want.

Hair extensions can also add a pop of color (highlights) to your hair if you choose from Ombre or Balayage collection.

Now you the secret of how the celebrities create those spectacular hairstyles! Wink! Wink!

4. Do Hair Extensions Work For Short Hair?

Whether you are a short, long, or shoulder-length haired lady, remy human hair extensions work perfectly for all. Even those who have difficulties growing out their natural hair or regret about getting a haircut, clip-in extensions rocks for every woman and girl!

Clip-in hair extensions give reasons to short hair women to confidently use them as they help to revamp their look seamlessly.

5. How to Wash and Comb Hair Extensions?

Since such hair don’t receive natural oils from the scalp like your own hair

  • It shouldn’t be washed frequently – wash them after 15-20 wear or if there is too much product build-up.
  • Use products that are alcohol and sulfate-free – these ingredients make your hair look frizzy.
  • Use mild shampoo first, rinse off, and then apply a generous amount of conditioner from top to bottom (working through the hair)
  • Rinse all products off with cold water to lock in moisture
  • Use a deep conditioning mask – to restore smoothness, nourishment, and shine
  • Air-dry the extensions in top of the towel on a flat surface
  • Gently comb each weft using a wide-tooth comb.

6. Difference between Synthetic and Remy Human Hair Extensions

Remy Human Hair extensions are made from REALY human hair, which means they can be dyed or styled like your natural locks.

Whereas, synthetic hair extensions are sensitive to the sun, difficult to style, and blend with your hair, don’t have the same lifespan as remy human hair extensions.

Basically, with Remy Human Hair you can make your hair goals come true.


Like any other celebrities, girls you can also use them and flaunt your luxurious hairstyles anytime and anywhere.

Now, feel like a celebrity with Remy Clip in Human Extensions!

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