Fighting fat is a battle that many people deal with. Unfortunately, staying slim is something that is hard to achieve just by diet and exercise. Having a fit body is a struggle and losing weight is hard to do for many people.

Luckily, there are alternatives available to assist those who need help with getting the body of your dreams. One of the most common ways to do so is by body contouring. The procedure is non-invasive and it’s relatively inexpensive.

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What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is performed primarily through liposuction, and the procedure consists of removing fat or excess skin from a certain area. Nowadays, the technique is done in a variety of ways including laser liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, tumescent liposuction, or ultrasonic-assisted liposuction.

Body contouring treatment is a quick outpatient procedure that’s normally is done in just one day. The primary areas that are corrected during the procedure are the stomach, arms, back, thighs, and breasts. Weight is distributed differently for every individual, but these sections of the body are considered problem areas.

However, the beauty of contouring is that it targets areas that are difficult the reduce through diet and exercise.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Body Contouring Treatment?

Not everyone who feels that they need body contour treatment is eligible for the procedure. Many times you have to have a certain amount of fat or sagging skin and other requirements before you can undergo treatment. Here are a few factors to help you decide if you qualify as a body contour candidate:

  • Nonsmoker
  • An adult who has maintained weight loss
  • A healthy individual with no medical issues that could hinder healing or increase the risk of major surgery
  • A person who is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle after treatment

When it comes to body contouring, the specialist has to be selective in the people that they choose to work on. For those who have minimal fat, this is not a good procedure to undergo.

Although body contouring is non-invasive, it should not be used as a tool to fix minimal problem areas. Also, patients are expected to continue their fitness journey after body contour treatment because the surgery should not be used every time there is weight gain.

Furthermore, it’s not a good idea to undergo surgical contouring multiple times because it may be too stressful on the body.

What Are the Body Contouring Costs?

Every facility charges different prices; however, the cost of getting a body makeover is generally the same. Prices are usually set up based on what the individual desires. For instance, if you want a tummy tuck it’ll probably cost roughly $2,500. But if you’d like your stomach and your thighs sculpted at the same time, that might be an additional $1,500.

Some offices may also have a special rate for those who want to have multiple sections of their body contoured. So, if you desire to have your arms, back, and thighs done all at once, that may cost $6,000 or $7,000 depending on the facility that you choose.

What to Expect After Body Contouring Treatment

After you undergo the procedure there’s a bit of a recovery period that you’ll have to take in order to begin functioning normally again. Your surgeon will explain how you proceed after your treatment by giving you medication for pain and also schedule a follow-up appointment.

You might also have to avoid bending or lifting for several weeks and stay away from any movement that requires you to use your thighs or abdomen.

Furthermore, to reduce the risk of blood clots in the legs, it’s recommended that you walk regularly and drink as much fluid as possible.

The Results After the Procedure

After receiving body contouring treatment, you will see an immediate difference in your figure. However, it could take several weeks or months for things to start to come together. Not only that, but it could also take up to two years to see the final results of your procedure.

Your results should last as long as you maintain the shape and figure of your shape post-surgery. Unfortunately, body contouring does not prevent you from gaining weight in the future, so it’s best to live a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, scarring can take place as a result of your treatment.

The surgeon should be able to recommend some methods that you can do to help heal the look of the incisions, but it’s a good idea to accept that you will have visible scars. However, there are plenty of over-the-counter products and natural remedies that you can use to reduce their appearance.

Get the Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Everyone wants to feel confident and look amazing. Thankfully, body contouring makes that easy for you. If you’ve struggled with being overweight or having sagging skin, you might have stopped and thought to yourself, ” I wish I could just take the fat off!” Well, now that’s all possible and the days of struggling to sculpt your body are over. Seriously, if you don’t have to battle fat anymore, why would you?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look amazing in your clothes, and now you can have a stunning body in just one day.

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